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  1. What girls here have eneded up wetting themselves while baked or drunk under the influence of anything. Also of times when you have been real messed up and just done it on purpose because you didn't feel like moving. :smoke:
  2. lol what, but for real ive seen my friend piss himself on shrooms. Ive seen my roommate piss himself on my carpet cuz he was blackout drunk, and i came into the room and her was passed out in a puddle of his own piss. we had to drag him to his room. then we drew on his face
  3. I got drunk one night in hs and passed out in my bro in law's bed, luckily, he went to work at 4 am, so he was out of the bed. I woke up at like 8 am, like "shit!!!". Woke my one buddy jimbo up, and he helped me get everything straightened up and clean. I can laugh at it now, but at the time, I think I cried.
  4. Time to fap.
  5. Oh crap, and here's another. My husband's friend was so wasted he shit himself, and his wife had to help him up their apartment stairs, AND clean him up because he was so messed up.
  6. I like to pretend girls dont do that...
  7. Just incase y'all were wondering y I asked this it's because I was with a bunch of girls earlier smoking and drinking you know how it goes:smoke: well one of the girls was real drunk and didn't feel like moving zoo she says

    " would you'd care if I wet myself?" we all just said no LOL and right enough she just peed away right in her cotton pink tracki bottoms. After this all the girls were telling stories of accidents they have had and I found it quite funny to hear them talk so open about it and hear of some of their embarrassing situations
  8. I woke up the other night from a party, sleeping on 2 couches in my cousins garage, and a girl sleeping with me that I didnt have sex with or nothin. Funny though, she pissed herself all over the couch she was on :mad: I was too drunk/hungover/sleep deprived to give a fuck, but i got up then
  9. One of my best friends let's call her L well one night all our other mates had somewhere to be it ended up just being me and her, well anyways wee meat up and decide we'll hit up mine chill get baked watch movies talk and what not. Fast forward till near the end of the night were all cuddled up nice and baked jus laying in my bed watching tv series harpers island. I notice she has passed out but don't think much of it because she had changed into her pyjamas 4 comfort. Their I am just real into the show my hand was on her arse the hole time it just suddenly started getting warm:eek: then wet:eek: I pull back the duvet and their is a big stain growing around her crotch spreading to her bum. I wake her up and she gets all embarrassed about it I just tell her it's no problem it happens wasn't angry or anything.
  10. my cousin pissed himself on shrooms...i dont blame him though that was the least of his cares at the time haha

    and i went to this party where a girl walked over to a kitchen chair, pulled down her panties, and took a piss like it was the toilet. All over the floor lmao
  11. I pissed my self once so drunk one night on a friends couch i woke up like wtf!!!!!!!! All wet and shit so i just played it off like nothing happen and told him a cat pissed on his couch and went home.
  12. It happens to the best of us

  13. Here's something F'd up. I went out with 2 chicks, 2 different times, we got so wasted, both girls pissed themselves while in public.

    Well, not really in public we were in the fields getting F'd up.
  14. I dont hang out with trashy people
  15. Yah that makes sense because someone has an accident drunk they are just scum trash good logic bro.
  16. lOl trash isnt bad:confused:
  17. I was really really trashed one night, and I had to pee. My gf helped me to the bathroom and kind of was like holding me up. I swaying back and fourth.

    Anyways, she whips it out and I tell her she needs to aim it and have a good grip.

    Well, she didn't. As soon as I started pissing it was like a firehose. Piss was going everywhere. On the seat, on the floor, behind the toilet, the mirror, and on her.

    She now knows the GI Joe kung fu grip.
  18. I remember I got pretty wasted at the beach. I could have sworn I had to pee into the ocean every 15 minutes.
  19. So this thread quickly became the:

    I got so drunk, I pissed myself thread.
  20. hahaha i have to comment because this happened to my friend.

    it was after this one sorority's formal, and a bunch of sorority girls came back to my friends house, and he and i were the only guys there so it was a good scene. lots of bong rips, lots of drinking, lots of dancing.

    i didn't have anywhere to sleep b/c there was just one bed, my friends, so i slept on his couch in the living room with one of the girls. when i woke up in the morning, i walked into my friends room, and they were both sprawled over the bed and there was just this huge piss circle under the girl. so he either pissed the bed, then rolled her over into it to fram her, or else she just sprayed his bed.

    it was so bad i just had to leave without waking anyone up so i wouldn't be there when they woke up and had to deal with it hahaha

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