Come by here, my lord...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Legalizeit, Sep 20, 2002.

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  1. Oooh, lord, come buuuy heeeere

    Come on over, Come on over, babaaay...
  2. what you smokin bro??? pass the chronic man! Damn ya know what I just noticed??? I got a little collection of those little fat buddah guys with the beerbellys on top of my computer screen...One is an incense holder statue guy, and the other two are just little buddahs...haha thats pretty cool
  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  4. I am here my son. What can i do you for???
  5. three fiddy and a bag o pretzels please.
  6. Pretzels? Whats with the pretzels? Trying to attract women with them????
  7. no man, salvia gives me the munchies

  8. If you are taking requests...........I want a harley (but it has to be one of those low riders because I\'m only 5 ft tall) and a lifetime supply of chronic marijuana. Then I want a beach house (the exact location.......I\'ll have to get back to you on that) and after that I want my own private island with about 50 chip-and-dale dancers to wait on me. Plus I need my own private jet and of course a cruise ship to take me wherever I want. Hmmmmm........that\'s enough for now, I don\'t want to sound too greedy. LOL.
  9. come on...he said he was god...not santa claus
  10. God, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy.....whatever works. LOL. A girl has to have hope. LOL.

  11. OK Flowerchild, your Harley shall arrive in a box labeled UPS.

    Your beach is ready when you are.

    Your private island already has NAKED chip and dales on it.

    Private jet is equiped with Osama\'s best pilots on it.

    Your cruise ship will sail November the 12 th.

    Your life time of chronic is around the corner.

    Please hurry to get it all. You have now traded 3/4ths of your life span to have all that you want!!!!!!!

    Love you my child!
  12. Wow......Bud Head, you are better than a genie in a bottle. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Can I have a taco please???
  14. oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz - jj

  15. You have not made amens my son. Ask the devil and you may recieve!

    Can I have a taco please???

    Go to Taco Bell your Taco is waiting for you!!!!!!!!!
  16. LOL....couldnt have thought of a more appropriate reply if i had tried :D
  17. Am I really god? Ask my Flowerchild. See if she has her harley. And ask her if she is stoned!!!!!

    As for you my little namron, a bolt of lightning to wake your Ass up the next time it rains!!!!!!!

  18. Well, I think my harley was sent to the wrong address but I\'m stoned as hell!!!!!!!!!! And even though you may not technically be god, you are a helluva good genie!!!! But how exactly you escaped from the bottle I made you, I will never know.

  19. The next time you put a genie in a bottle, Make sure there is no hole in the bottom!!

    You must look hard to find your Harley. Look in the book, inside the book!!!!

    Love you my children!!

  20. Now, I put the hole in the bottom for your personal amusement since I couldn\'t fit you and the blow-up doll in there. You just ran away because you knew I was going to use you as my personal sex slave. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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