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  1. Alright, so for curiosity's sake, and because given my chosen locations I don't think I'll be able to get to my plants very often, I want to know - are my plants likely to survive and bud if I simply plant them and come back in flowering season?

    This isn't what I'm actually going to do, but I want to know if it's possible, because if it is then I could potentially hide a few of my plants in much better spots where no-one would find them, just I wouldn't be able to check on them much.

    Also, all my spots are going to be quite far from home, and I don't have a car. Is it possible to just take a small amount of home-made compost with me in a backpack and then mix it in with local soil? Or even use the local soil if I'm planting in what seems to be quite a fertile spot as is. If necessary I might be able to "borrow" some soil, since one of the spots is right by a farm, but I'm not sure what fertilisers etc are used there.
  2. How do you plan on watering ?
  3. Well at the moment we get plenty of rain, so honestly I don't think watering will be necessary for the first few weeks after planting. However come summertime I'll take a few 2l bottles full of water to the site, water the plants, and refill the bottles with nearby water, provided the stream hasn't run dry.
  4. What are your growing conditions going to be like ? e.g/ how many hours of sunlight per day, temperature, relative humidity ?

    Too much rain may flush out all the nutrients from the soil which will lead to reduced growth not to mention the possibility of overwatering.
  5. I've only lived here just over a year so I can only really say what happened last year. It stayed around 10 minimum and 25*C maximum temps up til around June, then temperatures shot up to between 20 and 30*C, rising to a max of around 38*C in August. I'm no weather expert, or a plant expert for that matter, so I have no idea what that means for my plants.

    Hours of sunlight really depends on the spot, I plan to have several spots to reduce the chance of my plants being found/stolen/both, some may get less sunlight than others, but honestly I don't know any exact numbers, the decision to buy seeds was rather spontaneous so I haven't done all the preparation most growers do before planting, and will most likely be planting them within a day or two of their arrival in a week or so. What I can say is one of my spots will be in a nearby wood, with a clearing in the tree tops. I imagine this spot will get sunlight from 6am to 8pm for the next couple of months, with direct sunlight for say 6 hours or so? I might be wrong though.

    Sorry if my post makes me seem like an idiot. I really am a grow newbie.
  6. The temperatures seems fine although i'm not too sure about the 38C in august. The hours of sunlight seems perfectly fine, generally you want to have at least 10 hours of sun everyday although it's not essential for the whole 10 hours to be direct sunlight so it should still work. I'd say go for it. I'd also advice you to start the seedling off indoors for a week maybe 2 then place it outside. Also when you water it you'll want to fully saturate the soil, do this by adding water slowly until it starts to drip out the bottom of the pot. If you're going to use nutrients make sure to work your way up to full strength over the course of a few weeks. :)
  7. Are you in eastern Canada? That sounds a lot like the weather we get in ns. Along with humidity around 90-110%.

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