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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Has anyone noticed that we get a lot of members who just join and post about three or four messages and then don't bother... You can allways tell which members are going to do that too: The ones with the names which don't have something to do with 420 or pot in their names *USUALLY* (Not all the time) leave sooner. The ones who seem more juvenille also leave quicker. The ones who put their real (first) names on the board stay longer. The ones who post in pandora's and humour usually stay longer.

    They allways seem to say stuff like "I'm really going to enjoy it here." or shit like that.

    I've stopped bothering to go to the "introduce yourself" area because if they are going to be around long enough for me to want to know I'll get to know them anyways.

    THAT'S IT- from now on I am only gonna post on the threads (in introduce yourself) where I think they are gonna stay longer than five minutes. I'm not being a narky bastard- I don't think so at least- but it does piss me off that all these people join the city and then ?????GET BORED WITH IT?????
  2. People bored with the city....? Never heard of it!
  3. hmm..
    ive noticed that since he board was opened from (is that the name of the other site?)
  4. People who use there real names are idiots.

    Next they'll be posting pictures of themselves and giving too many details of where they live...
  5. Yeah, you can usually call the ones who wont be here for long...
  6. lmao...Adam G!

  7. Hmmm....I wonder who'd do that!
  8. yeah thas pretty much how message boards run though......i help run a site and we got so many member that would come and jus post all these things how great the site is and how theyll be around and then we would have to prune a bit which is a pain in the new here but im not jus gonna bounce an shit.....ive posted more i think then most of those cats anyways ha ha
  9. also, the people who sign up who you say hardly post and dissappear, they may be LURKING with nothing much to say.

    Me personally, I love looking at the pictures of the homegrown and drooling over the buds. I love reading up in the rec. smokers forum and laighing at peoples' pitiful attempts of mixing tylenol and shit to get a pathetic high.

    And I love reading people's sorrowful laments as they quit smoking pot, because my girlie LOVES the cheeba and I feel so lucky.

    Pther than that, I just rarely have anything to say here, but i've FAR from disappeared.
  10. My favorite is when I come onto the forum and the top right corner says some bull like "welcome our newest member:Makemoneyfastspamspamspam"....I automatically start looking around the forums for his bullshit spam...sometimes ill send them a friendly pm to "welcome" them..those crazy bastards

  11. I only say something if I have something to say. Now is not a good exampole though because I'm saying stuff when I actually don't really have something to say. Plus, I get kind of miffed when people post dumb shit like "Hey look at this!" or "Hey check this out" I'm not making fun of these people I'm just sayin... Ya know? Oh yeah I also hate when people type like this

    Yo wutz up man!. I beez aiight ya know and shit. Or:
    hEy WuT aRe YoU GuYs DoINg?
  12. umm...everybody knows my name....AND...i put a pic of my stoned self on here....damn damn damn..that makes me an automatic loser...sorry :(...see yall around!

    ok ok..ya got me, i aint goin no where.

  16. still here
  17. BPP found a page with the same pic as nubs av, and his name was was pretty funny, so ever since BPP and i have called nubs hank...funny stuff....
  18. lol nope my name's not hank unfortunately.. and yes critter..I DRIVE A FUCKING MINIVAN YOU JEALOUS BASTARD!....
  19. i burn minivans...with those little incense cones...its fun...takes a long fucking time...somethin like twenty im not done yet on my first still doin it...hahahha..what in blue fuck am i talking about?! meow!
  20. Well now we are turning this into a real name thread heh?

    What about??

    Billy Bob

    Guess who is who!

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