Combustion in the ez vape.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bouldorado, May 13, 2011.

  1. This evening I managed to combust the weed in my ez, vape. This however, was completely unintentional. I had collected over the past month a decent amount (5-6g) of vaped weed from my mflb.

    Earlier on the site I saw a post someone made about a homemade ice bong (mini gatorade bottle) for the magic flight. I wanted to try it but not waste good weed, so I decided to use the abv bud. Also I didn't want to waste the batteries for the magic flight. I packed about .5g into the ez vape/ice bong, which had been turned onto 370 for about half an hour.

    I hit the bong and instantly saw the bottle cloud up, getting a pretty large hit before I realized it was smoke, not vapor. Pulled the whip away and the saw the whole bowl was mad cherried. The hit tasted fucking terrible, but got me decently high. Point is the ez vape is shitty enough to do the opposite of what it's supposed to. Fuck these chinese knockoffs.
  2. +1 i've gotten combustion on the EZ vape too. If you want to avoid combustion, keep it below 360. I start it at 314, then turn it up as I go. Once you pass into 370-380 range you're gonna burn it
  3. ez vapes are garbage..if you want a box type vape..get a vapor bros.

    you shouldn't be combusting at anything close to 370-380..i mean thc starts to vaporize as 365.

    The digital readouts on cheap box type vaporizers aren't good for indicating real temps.

    I had a ZI and i got really light blue vapor at 365 and really dense white vapor at 400+.
  4. yeah. that shit really encourages you to buy quality. I have a mflb as well, so think I think I'm gonna try to modify the ez vape.
  5. My EZ Vape combusts regularly at 290 and sometimes even lower than that. What am I missing here?

  6. Well, the combustion point of bud is greater than 290, so your ez vape(as they all do) clearly has issues with temperature control. From what I remember of mine, it would continually heat up while turned on, regardless of the number on the "temperature" display. I'm thinking you might have a lemon, because even though my ez vape was exceptionally shitty, combustion was still a pretty rare event (def less than 5 times)

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