combining psychadelics

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  1. whilst tripping on cid me and illusionist were thinking about doing this. he wants to get some cid, an 8th of shrooms, then when hes peaking on both hell take a hit of DMT lol. it wont happen soon but it would be phenominal.

    i had the idea of getting one of those double bowled bongs and packing one of the bowls with strong ass salvia and the other with DMT and ripping both simutaniously in the same rip, probably without water cuz it wouldnt be the best method to filter anything out of it.

    its all just ideas to us but who here has actually combined psychs? whats the most crazy combo youv done as well?
  2. one time my friend did mescaline and acid and when he was peaking on mesc he smoked some 40x salvia. he had a bad trip too.

    i thought it was so fucking funny.

  3. oh my god what did he see? i bet he looked crazy as fuck after he took the hit. i personnaly wouldnt choose salvia if i were combining just cuz its so potentially freaky
  4. not to bring down the mood but fyi u can go mentally insane from a bad trip. of course on the flip side it could also be amazing and you could become enlightened. but there are risks.

    i took ketamine while rolling.... that was fucking nuts
  5. yes i love mixing psychs. x+shrooms+cid+k=crazy shit man.
  6. Combo's are sweet, the ones i've done are


    The dxm-acid combo was pretty fuckin crazy, everything looked like it was made of liquid, and from what I read on erowid people have had the same kinda watery trip from that combo.
  7. i would personally not go the salvia or dmt route. the 2 compounds are just so different and so short lived, i think its a recipe for a bad interaction causing a bad trip. now shrooms and x with acid aka candy and hippyflipping are fun and do not promote the bad trip at all.

  8. i would have to be in a spiritual meditative state to try salvia alone. i heard that shit can go pretty bad

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