Combing DWC and fogponics?

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    ok so ive been doing some research and im usaly not on these sites but i need some advice on this fogponic stuff and if it works would combing it with DWC bucket system benifit growth....
    What is fogponics is the first thing and anyone using it?

  2. I use foggers in my RDWC.
    There are caveats, but they work very well.
  3. What kind of caveats?
  4. 1. The OEM transformer supplied is for shit. A "real" transformer that won't burn out will cost about $30.00.
    2. The plating on the fogger will react with the soup after time.
    3. Foggers "burn out" so have a spare.
  5. I'm using a sunbeam ultrasonic fogger to feed the root zone and have a top feed bubbleponic diy setup, pictures after i set up tent. Seedlings are 5 days old and looking good, roots propagating to hydrodon from 1 inch grodan cubes.I am hand watering sparingly and are under cfl 23w each plant

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