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    Tomorrow night is gonna be killer!

    GZA (Wu-tang Clan) Liquid Swords concert in Sydney
    :hello: :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. You lucky fuck! Why wasn't I invited?!
  3. nIICE lucy my man goood blunt rolling to
  4. thanks dudes. not planning to drop all of the lucy on the one night by the way ;)

    also scored 50 5mg diazepams!
  5. That blotter design is dope! How many and how much?
  6. Damn man thats legit as hell, Nice blunt, hella nice blotter.
  7. word up! why dont we kick it? haha. wu tang is sick, gza is the bomb and liquid swords is a great album. As well as the beezys and lucy
  8. good shit enjoy yourself! :hello:

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