Combat Arms Grasscity Clan.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by TheDubiousBaker, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Anyone play Combat Arms here?

    I'm thinking we should make a clan, like, forreal.
  2. Used to play that game before Nexon got to dam greedy.
  3. hey bro i play combat arms all the time

    my name is "stilts18"

    im in a level 1 clan right now but ill quit to join a grasscity clan

    oh btw im staff sargent 3rd class
  4. Damn dude, this would be so sick if we actually got it going.

    Baked gamers > Sober gamers.

    Feel me?
  5. ahhh,i STILL havnt been able to play CA high,but this weekend,im selling my PSP and all the stuff for it,gonna buy UFC 2010 and a quarter of some good shit

    how do you like the changes they made?
  6. I play sporadically, but id be happy to join

    IGN: krait1
  7. I mean, the new layout is pretty good, it looks bad, I prefer the old one.

    But the new layout works alot better, more convenient.
  8. yeah i think the old "(howevermany) kills" icon and the old headshot icon were more rewarding
  9. I like it alot actually. I think it brings it into modern days. The old one was a little dated imo.

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