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  1. well it seems as though negligents cat like 9 lives may have run out. there was an ambulance up at his house earlier (again) n i saw him get put in the ambulance on a stretcher, not like usual where he walks out to the ambulance by himself with an IV bag trailing behind him. i didnt get to get much info from his dad since he was in a hurry to follow the ambulance to the hospital, but apparently neg got some crazy good dope and OD'd, so this dope must have been insane, cuz he shoots up so much of what everyone else considers fire shit and doesnt even stay high. so i caught his dad as he came home and talked to him to get the scoop. apparently the narcan brought him back, but his breathing n shit stopped again while he was in the ambulance. he's currently on life support in a dope coma. the doctors dont know what will happen quite yet since its still so early, but compared to negs super human like drug tolerance where he's usually out of the hospital the same night, its not lookin to good, his dad seemed really upset and worried, i could see tears startin to form in his eyes while he was talkin to me

    send some good vibes to forbes hospital in monroeville PA, i think neg really needs it this time

    its really strange, cuz this is actually his 10th OD (4th od on heroin) so him bouncin back those other 9 times really is kinda like the cat with 9 lives things, he always used that saying cuz his dad said "he's like a cat with 9 lives once" and oddly enough he also said "u know, i kinda wonder if i OD'd a tenth time if it would for sure kill me, since i'd be goin beyond the cat with 9 lives, maybe i'm like the anti-christ or something"

    well, i hope neg is the anti-christ for his dads sake, they dont always get along but you can tell his dad really loves him, and i'm sure it would really devestate his dad. he got a court date on wednsday for his last OD when the cops illegally impounded his car n shit, so if he's in a coma for that its definitely not gonna look good for his case.

    i hope haures is with you neg :(
  2. a shot for negligent

    cause i have no weed
  3. damn...well if he comes outta it and u talk to him tell him skit sends huggs his way yet again...

    i hope he comes outta it...i mean...this was prolly a bad batch and not just some serious you be careful yourself man

    *huggs neg! pull thru again bud and plz get ur life on track!*
  4. Just about every member here told him it was gonna happen

    I hope ya come back neg but you asked for everything you have right now

    Im more worried about the hell his father keeps having to go through dealin with this shit
  5. ohh damn that sucks i always like what negligent had to say

    i hope he comes back soon

    heroin is the destroyer of souls :(
  6. you play with fire, you get burned.

  7. well he's permabanned so even if he makes a comeback u wont be hearin from him.

    just an update.. negs condition improved, he's been comin back into consciousness n shit but he's still in the intensive care unit.. i'm pretty sure he's gonna make it, he's a resiliant motherfucker. i'm just wondering if their gonna 302 him since he's OD'd on heroin 4 times, they might think that he's suicidal or something, they wanted to 302 him last time but he got out of it.
  8. so did snake make this up?
  9. hmmm... ^^^^^ i wonder that too
  10. I fabricated this story and used mind control eels to get snake to post it.

    Did you like? :smoking:
  11. well made up or not its completley believable so get better soon guy not that u will read this
  12. Why do we think snake made this up? did i miss something?

  13. snake666 = neg

    thats why rmjl banned him, they had the same IP.. and there was was some other stuff too, just look in the "im so fly" topic or w/e its called
  14. The person who typed this was negligent.

    He's just gauging our reactions.
  15. its believable... kinda sad imo he made up a story of himself ODin

    i wonder if he will make a third account
  16. Prolly like a 12 Year old who gets high at night and writes stories:p
  17. lol i think its great that snake and neg are the same person

    Neg already knows how we feel about him but id still rather say it to him then someone he knows

    His life doesnt mean shit to him so I dont see why we should care if hes alive either. Simply treating him the way he does himself...

    It would be cool if everything changed and neg quit but i mean honestly...even if he posted sayin he actually quit no one would believe it. Your history makes your future and negs history fucked his future permanently

    Personally if you dont contribute to society in some way and all you do is get high, eat, shit and piss....what good are you? gtfo and leave more air and resources for us who deserve it

  18. Truth. Everytime anyone ever warned him he would just shrug it off. I sure hope he doesnt die, but I also hope he learns his fucking lesson and stops treating his father like a piece of shit.
  19. yeah i new snake was neg from the start, kids a fuckin dope fiend junkie ass joke if you ask me
    neg is like rasta man, he will live on, but not in good way.
    fuck you NEG.
    'nuff said.
  20. lol..rasta man

    was he proven to be 12 or what?
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