Com v. Danko is the remedy for independent escorting

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  1. “The commentary to both Model Penal Code drafts of the prostitution section shows that the gravamen of the offense is not the sexual activity itself but the business of engaging in such activity for hire. The Comment to the Tentative Draft section 207.12 precludes application to promiscuous persons and states that the section is only directed against professional prostitutes. The Comment reads as follows: …..  Section 207.12 is confined to sexual activity "for hire." Among the reasons for undertaking to repress prostitution, the danger of spreading disease is the only one applicable to non-commercial promiscuity. Even on this score, non-commercial "promiscuity" appears to be less dangerous than commercial prostitution. Non-commercial prostitution involves indiscriminate acceptance of new sexual partners from time to time, but not intercourse with dozens of strangers daily. In any event, the health menace involved in amateur promiscuity seems to call for educational and medical remedies rather than penal law.”  - Com. v.  Danko 281 Pa. Super. 97; 421 A.2d 1165; 1980 Pa. Super. LEXIS 3050
    Just slam dunk Com. v Danko into an escort prostitution case and see it melt away.  In Pennsylvania the Superior Courts is the appeals court in Pennsylvania.
    Presented to the Institute as Section 207.12 of Tentative Draft No. 9, and considered at the May 1959 meeting. For Commentary, see Tentative Draft No. 9, p. 169.” – 1010 Model Penal Code - Miscellaneous 233 1962 pg. 235
     This comment section has been ratified into law by the American Law Institute.
    “Currently, the MPC's "as a business" clause could protect Category One arrangements by requiring a fact-based inquiry into the purpose of each arrangement. 215 Such an inquiry could make it time consuming for prosecutors to pursue unguaranteed charges. To make it easier for prosecutors to secure charges, the MPC's language could be modified to outlaw sexual acts performed "for the financial enrichment of one party., 216 With this change, the prosecutor would no longer have to prove that the sugar baby engaged in the exchange as part of a "business." Instead, the prosecutor would simply need to show that the sex for money exchange occurred and that it was performed for some financial benefit.” – Trading Sex for College Tuition: How Sugar Daddy "Dating" Sites May Be Sugar Coating Prostitution
    How do you justify that prosecutors are not bound to follow the Model Penal Code?
    American Law Institute
     â€œThe United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government.”- US Constitution Article IV Section 4
    The American Law Institute is the republican form of government under the US Constitution. The grantor is the United States Corporation.  Only those who trained in the law make the decisions on the law to be in conforming with the model of republican form of government describe in Plato's Republic.  The United States of America guarantees every state union A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT  (one government) by granting the corporate charter and the tax exemption status to the American Law Institute.
    This is republican form of government protect against Christian fanatic influence by not allowing open election.  This republican form of government guarantee the freedom and liberty not based on the democratic process but those that understand law, history, and biblical principles.  The principle of the sovereign mistress is found in the Old Testament and the Model Penal Code.
    The attorneys have to keep this republican form of government secret from the Christian fanatic. If it is exposed earlier, they would of gotten attacked badly. Now, Christianity is dying in American and it is time to reveal this republican form government.
    I didn't see the answers until today. If I gotten this earlier, I don't have to waste all the time trying to figure out the loopholes in the state's prostitution laws. Tell the cops about it. They will start leaving us along.
    That is the answer for escorts!! Get busted by the cops.  Write to the prosecutor and the judge informing them of MPC.  If they continue to proceed, write a complaint letter to the bar association and the judicial commission in your state. That will take care of it. If you attorney don't take care of it, you should write to the bar association about your attorney not given you the defense.
     No commercial sex!! No prosecution!!

  2. so.....youre done now then? this can be the final thread about this stuff?
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    Yes. I got what I want. I post it on the board to make people aware that we have been mislead to thing prostitution is illegal. You will not get much posting anymore from me.
  4. Prostitution is illegal. Your semantics mean fuck all to a judge. As I have said before, a judges job is not to interpret a laws literal wording, but to interpret a laws intent.

    And what is your obsession with prostitution anyway? No fucks have been given in any of your 100 threads on the same subject.

    You Dont know what you are talking about, your English sucks, prostitution is illegal, no one cares.....stop with these threads!
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    You want the police and the judges to step on you. You want to admitting to false fact by keeping your mouth shut. That why you get into trouble. You don't tell your attorney what to do.
    Everyday people go to jail because the laws has been misapply to them. Our justice system is corrupt. Unless you get the remedies, you are going to be f*ck by the police and the courts.
    Prostitution is illegal in commercial activities and in commerce. It is not illegal when it is noncommercial.  Too many hobbyist and escorts admitting to have imaginary pimps.
    My sovereign citizen friend believe that the attorneys are connected to the Knights Templar out of London. I am able to find articles about secret societies in law schools.  So this is very possible.
    My sovereign citizen friend told me the secret societies told them loopholes in the drug laws. He believe that the attorneys  are told to keep their mouth shut about it by the stonecutters.
  6. Lawyers are part of Knights Templar?

    No... Just no... Quit giving people bad advice over your semantics battle.
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    I am sure I already know the answer, but out of curiosity what is your law background, excluding google videos.
  8. There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. You are property of the united states government as long as you live on land that they own. And while there are many rights you have been given so that you Dont get fucked over, you still have to follow all of their laws or face the penalties assigned to those laws. One of those laws is that you cannot solicit sex for money. You agree not to do that by living on u.s. soil. And if you get caught doing it you will be punished.

    And no, I am not letting anyone walk all over me on this issue because I would never let my penis get near something that would have sex with just anyone for money. Its gross, and its not safe.

    But if you are so obsessed with prosritutes then you should move to a country in Europe that allows that sort of thing.

    Enjoy your syphilis.
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    The statutes have been misapplied. That what I am saying. They get you because you admitted to be in commerce. Without commerce, the state or the federal government don't have authority.
    The judges blame you for not bringing it you. There are laws that let you walk away. If you don't bring it up, the judges said that it is too bad because you never took the opportunity. What your attorney did or didn't do, you have to live with it. If you didn't say anything to your attorney, it is too bad.
    F*cking an escort is the best thing in the world. I never want to give up that lifestyle.
  10. fucking an escort quality girl that doesnt charge is much, much better
  11. Every man is for himself.  You decide how you want to do it. I choose to be a sovereign citizen.  Yes, I know that the sovereign tactics don't work every time or not at all. That is my choice to take the foolish route.  I feel better knowing that I say something and do something rather than letting them step over me.
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    no that's deluding yourself while you're still being "stepped over"
  13. 10 bucks OP gets arrested and charged with trying to pick up an undercover in the next 6 months
    20 bucks says he tries his Soverign Citizen bullshit,
    and loses.
  15. He won't do that. If he ever does get arrested he will get a lawyer who make him go with a REAL tactic. You can't walk into a courtroom and say "your honour, alesteir Crowley said that I don't have to follow your I'm just gonna take off. Later gator!

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