columbia house can suck it :p

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  1. so can bmg. lol, its been almost five years since my idioctic friend got me really high and excited to join this stupid club, and now...
    after I got six discs for free, and all that intro jazz, I said screw it! and paid the amount to NOT be bothered by them anymore. it was well worth it. now, they send me six vochers for six more cds, and Im going through the website and Im thinking alright classic rock, they have a lot jacks complete lack of surprise, most are not* free selections. so Im thinking lemme get those 311 discs that got messed up at school..NO 311, BUT the CLOSEST artist available................702, 112, Flight 180, and Highway 101. OK. not exactly what Im looking for...lets move on..
  2. LOL

    I used to love those things! I'd have subscriptions under different names I would get so many cds for free. Then you get something saying you need to pick out a cd for this month and I would never return it and they'd send me something like Soul Asylum and I was like wtf is this shit (even though Runaway Train was ok). Then I'd have my mom call them and say that they're sending stuff to a 13 yr old boy and can't damage my credit so they would give up the harassment. Lately I just write them letters saying I never joined their club and for them to leave me alone, and they do haha...hope I'm not giving anyone some ideas.[​IMG]

    I love coming here high.
  3. yea i used to do that shit too but it got too expensive so i had to stop
  4. i used to do that shit too but it got to expensive so i had to stop
  5. yup dont waste your time. they charge you and charge you and charge you. but you do save money.
  6. Write on the invoices...... this person has moved and did not leave a fowarding address! Works every time! LOL
  7. What I did was do their deal (like 15 cds/1 cent) then buy 3 in 2 yrs time, buy them right away cancel, and start over. It saves you a lot af cash, that way its following their rules so they don't harass you for their $$. I have almost 300 cds, a good chunk of them being Col. House stuff. I'm sure they still do it - I stopped cause I have pretty much all I want.

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