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Columbia Gold ready to bud??? Lighting???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hondacrf150f1, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. so my 2 columbia gold plants were planted about 5 weeks ago. I order'd them from drchronic, and i got a card with the plants saying harvest time is 60-70 days??? So does this mean 60 days after there planted they are ready to be picked? Or does it mean they will start budding after 60 days???

    So far ive got 100W of total CFL (4 bulbs) on 2 plants. 1 plant is doing great at 16-18 inches and its really bushy, the other plant sucks at 7 inches and its discolor'd. Anyway im not sure when to start giving them 12/12 light:confused:

    and do you guys think i will get a decent yield with 100W of total CFL? I look at my big plant and figure it could proble handle a full ounce of weed on it.
  2. 60/70 days means flowering time (from when you switch the lights to 12/12 to harvest)
  3. 100 watts on two plants is not enough, you will not get a good yield. The rule of thumb is at least 100 watts per plant, and if I read your post right you've only got half that. Plus, with CFL's you'd have a hard time using too much light, as they're so weak. The "sucky" plant might just not be getting enough light, because the larger plant is absorbing so much of it (just a possibility though).

    And yes, 60 days means 60 days of flowering. If you're at 5 weeks (after sprouting), then you can switch to 12/12 if you want. However, I'd recommend waiting until you can see preflowers, since you don't have enough light to waste on a plant that turns out to be male.
  4. 2 plants even on 100watts would yeild you atleast an ounce, but yea get 100watts per plant and your on the cruse controll for cool
  5. Wow great advice, but what are preflowers? Oh yeah i paid for female seeds, so both should be fem:D.

    I really dont have enough lights to put on them lol. I think i will invest in a HPS system later after they bud a few times.
  6. You know they will only bud once? Right?
  7. Preflowers are structures that the plant starts to grow before they mature sexually during 12/12. On a male plant, they will be little balls on the plant. On a female plant, you will see two little "hairs" making a V shape on either side of a branch right where it connects to the stem.

    If you don't have enough lights, you could always buy a couple of cheap desk lamps at Target or Wal-Mart and screw in some more CFL bulbs. Or you could get rid of the smallest plant after you've confirmed that you've got at least one female. Or you could just try your luck with too little light; you'll still get some bud, but it won't be as much or as high quality as it would be with sufficient light.

    And yes, you're only going to get one harvest off these plants, after that you'll have to start from seed again.

  8. Or clones...
  9. True enough, although if he can't get enough light for the plants in the box he's already got, I figured that he wouldn't be interested in setting up a second box, which would require its own light, exhaust fans, etc.
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    What the hell??? So you guys are saying it will just die after i pick the buds one time!:mad:

    I thought when you pick the buds it will just develope more under 12/12 light:confused:
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    If buds regrew we would all be very happy men, you're plants will not produce buds more than once, you can pick pop corn and let other parts of the plant mature to achieve different highs. But other than that leave the plant too long the buds will degrade.
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    ok so after i pick the buds the plant will continue living but it just wont bud at all:confused:, that sucks....

    Well i had some lowryder a couple months ago, i picked the bud and the plant started to bud again??? Although the bud wasnt really any good the 2nd time. So doesnt that kinda prove you guys wrong? it really did start to bud again!!
  13. The buds wont grow back that you picked but you can harvest in stages, my advice is to get more light to make fem seeds worthwhile.
  14. Pics or it didnt happen
  15. Never taken any pics of my weed just for safety purposes. Well maby i exagerated a little....after i picked it, it did have a couple white hairs on it, the bud wasnt really developed:rolleyes:

    I quess i will be spending a lot more of fem seeds after this danm plant is done:eek:
  16. when you plant 2 plants the same time with the same conditions and one grows bigger faster, unfortunately the big one is usually male. So don't get rid of the small one yet.
  17. K, it sounds like you have femmed seeds correct? and yes you can bud the plant more then one time... its called revegging research it, after you harvest you leave some smallish buds on the plant and turn the lights back too either 18/6 or 24/7 and grow it again for ehh couple weeks too a month at least until your happy with its growth. NOW lowryder will never bud twice its entire life cycle is done in 8 or so weeks which means it sprouts,veggs, buds, (seeds) and dies.

    K secondly if you dont reveg which is lame id just take clones off the big bushy plant if you have the second room to do this, and then while the mother plant and her sister are flowering you just veg the clones for the 8 week flowering period or 4 weeks and put those into flower and have a harvest every month and what not you understand? doesnt sound like lots of the other posters listened to everything you were saying....
  18. Seeing as he has next to no light,(let alone a clone room) the most of hus bud will be his main cola yes? So would revegging be a practicle way to go about things?

  19. Wow awsome, I asked my buddy who is quite experienced and he said thats bullshit, that you can rebud the plant. But why do you need to go back to 24-0 light? Doesnt the plant bud under 12/12, shouldnt i just leave it on 12/12 after picking buds?

    Oh yeah how many buds do i have to leave after the first harvest?
  20. He is talking about revegging, its far more efficient just to start over.

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