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  1. Hey GC. Getting it going for the year. I'm hoping for much better weather this year than last. I've got a better idea of how and when and what and why to use for soil/fertilizer, and what is supposed to be great genetics. I'm going to f#%kin kill it this year.:cool:

    Got some auto/photo sensitive plants about a month old now. Kept a couple males to make some auto seed for my future use.

    I've got goin.. about a month old
    Diesel Ryder(From JohnnyPotSeed SUPREME BEANS)
    Short Term Amnesia(from a friend)
    stinkypinkyxstaxdryder(from a friend)
    BluebonicXGuerilla Gold#3(from HIGHRISE SEEDS)

    Just planted
    Guerilla Grape (godzilla grapeXGuerilla Gold #5) SMOKE A LOT SEED CO
    Smoke a lot outdoor mix
    herijuana IBL from DABEANCO
    GGXCongoleseXC99/GG Smoke a lot seeds

    I've got a couple more packs i may pop, we shall see. Anyway.. just figured I'd kick it off.
  2. Hahaha, I read the title and went, "dude what the fuck he's been dead for like forty years".

    But your grows seem fucking awesome, I'll be interested to see pics.

    take er easy :smoking:
  3. Hey GC.
    The autos are doing well for the most part. Some are putting on size, the dieselryders are TINY! I'm pretty sure it is because they didn't get enough light in the first month, and they are stunted for sure.
    The StinkyPinkyXSTAXDR are doing great, and so are the pure ShortTermAmnesia. I've got a tub with 3 females in it. Two spxstaxdr's and one DR. The diesel ryder will probably not be used, but the other two are very nice looking and are about the size I'm looking for. I am collecting pollen from a couple spxstaxdr males, and one BluebonicXGG#3 male right now and will pollinate the ladies in the tub shortly. If all goes well I'll have a nice batch of auto/light sensitive seeds.

    The regular seeds are doing well. Been raining and I've lost a bunch to slugs/damp off and the like. My Smoke-a-LOT seed co outdoor mix seems to be producing the best looking seedlings so far. Not much else to say... everything is planted and in beer cups... veggin out for a bit until they get to their final spots.

    I did put out a swamp tub yesterday. A 20 gallon rubbermaid with the bottom cut out is placed on top of the swamp. Filled with peat based mix with time release fertilizer. Toss some lime under the tub, loosen up the muck some, place tub, fill, and plant. The plants don't need fed or watered... time release and the taproot goes into the swamp and you've got an unlimited water supply. I planted 6 GuerillaGoldXCongolese X GuerillaGold/C99 in the tub and hope to end up with 3 ladies. I also started to put together a couple "swamp tubes".. which are stakes, wire and a lining... open bottom.. same as the tub, just not a tub. I figure I'll have 3-4 different spots. The autos in the backyard, a bunch in swamp tubs/tubes, and two other spots in the woods. I'm gonna be a busy motherfucker this summer/fall!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thinking about what other seeds I'll make for future use. I've only got a few Herijuana's, and only a few GG3's... but thats one cross I'd like to grow out. I have no idea about breeding schemes long term... but I know I'd enjoy growing out the F1's for a long time to come.

    I've also been thinking about making GG#5XGodzilla Grape F2's. And I just might do something with the GGXCongo X GG/C99... But I can't let everything go to seed! I'm going to be smoking it all and don't REALLY mind picking out seeds.. espically these kind of genetics.

    Coltrane is planning on having a big supply of seeds.. you never know when you'll need em!
  5. Well due to leaving em out in rain/damp off/slugs... etc.
    I've only got 2 surviving Herijuana, one charger(early wonder skunkX afghan), one GG3.. Never had this big a problem with damp off and shit.. Think my soil had some sort of nasty mold or some shit in it.

    The sal mix, Ggrape, GGxcongoXGG/c99, and a few others are doing much better! Took a couple rounds of cuts from a NL5XSk1 clone I've got, and planted a couple more seeds... Hoping to make up for losses.

    Going to try a method of forceflowering I learned from Silverback. 60 ounces in 60 days outside. We'll see.
  6. Don't know why I fucking bother to keep a journal at this site. No pretty pictures, no responses.
  7. I'll try and post some up for ya'll so you can VISUALIZZE MY FUCKING AWSOMENESS
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