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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kookie, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. HIGH all,maybe sum1 can enlighten me on this one,
    2 of my plants have deep purple colourings on the upper level leaf stalks and top 1/4 of stem, ( the rest is normal green, plants r healthy about 2ft.
    the other plant is a really light green almost lime colour! all three were seeds from the same bag and r fed and watered teh same, my ?? ... are these colourings a possible indication of the sorts ive got ??
    ?? nr 2 ... should i cut ALL the bigger leafs in half , or just the top levels /lower levels , and if the leafs are the
    ´´ kraftwerk´´ of the plant how can cutting 50% back be good 4 it ??

    thanks for any replies,KOOKIE....
  2. Why cut leaves? Sorry bit confused?

    As for colouration, for some strain is an indicative however most strains will have a degree of purpling on the stems when they are cold.

    Is there a large temperature difference between "daylight" and "darkness" for your plants (assuming they get some darkness)? That could account for it beyond strain.

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