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Colour doesn't dictate quality

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusGreen, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Everyone knows schwag is usually brown, mids dark green, and dank a lighter green.. But I've started to notice, that theory only holds true sometimes. Last night I picked up some weed that at a first glance looked like schwag, it was quite dark in colour, with quite a brown tint to it - but on closer inspection it's covered in lots of crystals, and I can still smell it on my hands from yesterday. In fact, I've noticed the nicest dank I've had has always been slightly darker shades of green, mids have tended to be light green but with lack of many crystals.

    Anyone else ever misjudged a pick up before they looked closer or smoked it? :p
  2. I think color and smell are just guidelines, sometimes they are deceiving. The real thing to look for is the THC and/or kief (however you spell it).
  3. I go off two factors to judge bud taste and high. I have smoked enough out of a 1 hitter that I can tell what weed I like best if I have options. I have read an article that crystals dont even determine how good bud is. I think on Erowid. Yes it was on Erowid, I think many of you will find this interesting.

    Marijuana Resin & THC
    An Excerpt from Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide

    Resin itself, or an abundance of resin glands, is not a good indictator of potency. A mj variety may have copious amounts of resin and still be nearly worthless for smoking; another variety may have little apparent resin, but it may be super-potent. This is because much of the resin is made up of inactive ingredients, and the resin might contain mostly inactive cannaboids. Also, the active cannaboids (THC,THCV, etc.) are only necessary in amounts small enough that they may not be major components in the resin. Surprisingly, the few scientific studies that have compared the concentration of resin glands or resin to potency have found that the concentration of resin glands was negatively correlated with the potency (in other words, the fact that a variety of mj is resinous or has a lot of resin glands has little to do with its potency) Experience connoissers actually may look for a non-resinous but very potent variety - who needs cough inducing resin if it doesn't add to the high?
    Source:Erowid Cannabis Vault : Articles & Writings

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