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  1. This thought has bounced around in my head for quite a while, but was resurfaced because of something said in the freedom of speech thread. As you've probably already guessed, it has to do with colors. Here's the big question; how do we know we all percieve colors to be the same actual color. Alright, what am I talking about. How do I know that, if I were to view the world through your eyes, that green wouldn't be purple, that yellow wouldn't be blue, or that red wouldn't be white?

    Think about it for a moment. We are told what colors are from a young age, so we associate names to the colors we see. If you had always been told yellow was called orange and orange was called snickerdoodle, you'd think it was perfectly normal to call them such. Now, if people don't view colors the same way, maybe this accounts for some peoples' lack of color-coordination. Also, color blind people view things differently.

    You could argue against this and say something about wavelengths, but I can refute that based on the fact that I view colors differently in either eye. I think this is what spawned the thought long ago.

    Okay, any thoughts? I'm going to go get a beer.
  2. i was thinking about that shit when i was 4-6.
  3. I've thought about this before as well. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it.

    Ultimately it doesn't matter. Except for in cases of extreme mutation we're all born similarly enough that we can associate them and work off of them as if they were exactly the same. I have had arguments about whether something is more red or more orange or whatever, but none of us are so limited in ability that we can't just work around it.

  4. yeah, but wang pretty much said all there is to be said. :D ya know if i had something to add, i would. hehe.

    damn..... now since i went and re-read all that the only thing i've thought of adding is:



    I'm gonna go get a beer too.


  5. GREAT subject.

    I bet everyone has thought of it at one stage or another.

    (I chose the color of the sky exemple on purpose)

    What maters I think is that we see the same spectrum, with the same seperations between colors.
    (I see 7 to 9 different color in a rainblow, It would be scary if everyone around me would see 25-30 ..)

    Picture yourself and your pal loking at a rainbow.

    now the rainbow topmost color (i think) is yellow.

    so you ask your pal what is the first color you see?
    he answers yellow.
    because the color is sees on top of the rainbow he has been tought to call it yellow. but he could see it as I see red.


    this is huge debate:

    should we be tought to all call the same color by the same name (I see yellow on the botom of the rainbow)


    should we be tought to call the first color of the rainbow is yellow

    and in anycase

    how do we do it if we want the first option?

    we would tend to say the first color is yellow. like wse are all told. But WHAT IF our vperceptive identity was preserved? instead we level down our preception to that of the majority.
    But if some of us can see beyond that spectrum thus no see the yellow at the same wavelenght?

    to be aware, wolud say JeanClaudeVanDamm ..

    we, grasscity citizens have a different perception of most politicals, since we know how much marijuana is not drug, and we refuse to call marijuana drug.
    But we were told from childhood that first color is yellow.


    I think it is a great tip of the iceberg, we are told tod trhoughout our childhood to do this and that live like this live like that.
  6. that was beautiful....made me think reallly hard

    i'm gonna go get a beer also

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