Colorful Planets Half Sleeve/chest Piece

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    What up gc, just got started on my first tattoo and its a decently big one lol. Have it starting half way up my bicep and going half way across my chests.



    That's what we got done in about 2 hours, first time every getting a tattoo and want that bad. Just my legs tensing up and being restless.

    Going back in about two weeks for more shading and some line work hopefully. Going to be updating this every session. Can't wait to see the final results!

    Oh ya so the half circle on my chest is going to be jupiter fading out. Incase your wondering
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    Dope. Space/planet tattoos are some of my favorites. Can't wait to see it finished!
  3. Damn no offense but i can see why that only took two hours...

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  4. None taken? Lol I'm not following.

    Any who got more work done, a lot more black, actually finished with the black And going to start coloring soon. Posting pics later.
  5. Added more black this session, coloring next sessions.


  6. seems like a whole lot of solid black
  7. How I wanted it, theres many spots for stars were going to add and also dark blues and purples into the mix.
  8. I Like the planets. I'm interested to see how it will turn out.
  9. Looks good, can't wait to see it in full color!
  10. yea get sum color and shading boi 
  11. I'll Be Honest Squirrely when i first saw this I thought this is really stupid,but now after taking a second look it actually looks not bad.I mean  it looks like it'll turn into something good.keep us posted.
  12. looks like crayon lol
  13. Thanks man, just with the black it doesn't look all that great, but then color will make it something better. Getting color put in on the 31st.

    I've gotten told it looks like marker but not crayon yet :p lol
  14. Good work aint cheap and cheap work aint good....I have over 2000 bucks worth of time in my sleeve and its still not done tattoos are permanent works of art....I see crooked lines and other faults tsk tsk

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  15. I really hope everyone in this thread is joking. I'm sorry mate, but this looks like shit.
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    Or that people have different opinions and don't think it looks like shit. Plus he hasn't posted finished pictures. I'm betting with color it looks a lot better.
  17. I love, love, love the concept..
    but the work is REALLY rough.  Those lines aren't smooth; that shading isn't even.
    You're probably going to need a professional to fix it after you let your friend finish.  
  18. Eessh, looks pretty rough man. Damn.
  19. the concept is cool. I'd definitely get a better artist to maybe fix that black. Otherwise, i can not imagine the planets coming out smoothly. 
  20. That looks nice man. My brother is actually wanting to get a space sleeve.

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