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  1. Going back to the childhood experiment of putting celery in dyed water which makes the celery change colors. What if you water your plants with colored water would the roots absorb the colored water and turn the plant the same color?? Just a What If question
  2. :rolleyes:weird. i was thinking about this the other day when i was adding water to my aerogarden.(not used for MJ, by the way)
  3. :( I told my brother about my thought and being the King of useless Info he said it wouldnt work something about the cells that make up the celery allow it to do that it was just a thought lol
  4. i was just thinking about this the other day too i remember back in school we put blue dye in the water of a pink rose and it changed the rose pink. it only changed the flower itself, not the stem or leaves, so i doubt it would work with MJ. cant hurt to experiment though :smoke:
  5. yah. I wonder if like, pistils n' shit, would turn the color of the water.:cool:
  6. doesnt anybody appreciate the naturally occuring plant characteristics anymore.

    good luck with this stupid shit. if i sound like a douche, thats because, this is some stupid shit.

    trying to pass off some shitty grow with food coloring. stupid shit.
  7. AAAAAAAAAND you can go fuck yourself. The OP said it's a just a "WHAT IF" question. No one is trying to pass of some schwag as Purple Haze here. The dude was just wondering, as was I. Sorry for being curious. Asshole:confused:
  8. it would be interesting to see other colors buds or pistils alright, but what if it also effects the color of the trichs, that would eliminate the accurancy to tell how mature the buds are to harvest wouldnt it?
  9. It is possible. IE.


    But I'm sure it's ver very very hard to do like so. And I don't think smoking food dye is oh so healthy. Regardless, its a feat to accomplish.
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  11. Sorry Guys if I was thinking out side the box I was just wondering
  12. Haven't you been told enough since you were a small child..

    Get back in the damn box!

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