Colored letters on site and shoes!

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  1. Anyone else notice how the mods must have tagged some words, and attached colors to them? A very smart move, moderating all of these forums must be rough, even with quite a few mods.. so I figure the lettering helps them find words quicker, or to know what they should read to possibly.. well, moderate.

    One word I found that was highlighted, which I really nave no idea why, was SHOES. It is highlighted blue, and i really would like to know why? One guess is that people with a lot of money buy a lot of shoes, and that could be associated with dealing, in which a mod could read and ban, or whatnot. I just wanted to know why you guys thought shoes of all things was highlighted. :eek:

    And part two of this thread; I was originally looking for the sneakerhead thread, or a shoes thread (when I noticed the coloring of the word) to get some suggestions:

    TO ALL YOU SNEAKERHEADS OUT THERE: I am looking for some casual shoes to buy because I have not purchased a new pair in a long time. I don't need anything crazy or expensive; I'm looking to spend $70 or under (I'm looking on ebay and amazon for the most part, but I want a specific shoe to look for). I'm a big fan of odd type shoes, yet I enjoy ipaths, nikes, adidas, supra, diesel, and so on. What is a casual-type shoe that is not too boring, yet not so extravagant that it costs $120 :eek::eek:. I enjoy crazy, colorful shoes, yet also simple shoes.

    So please, help me in my hunt for a new pair of shoes! All ideas are welcome! And explain why shoes are tagged blue! :wave:
  2. what the fuck
  3. bump dammit, I want to know this!
  4. Bump.. any mods care to explain?

  5. I would if I had any idea what he was talking about. :p

    Colored words? :confused:

    Are they links or just colored...? Is anyone else seeing this??

    The word "shoes" looks normal to me. :hide:
  6. Waaaaaaaaait

    I think I know what's happening here. :smoking:

    OP, did you do a search on here for the word "shoes"? Because when you search it will highlight the word(s) you searched for in blue. :p

  7. That's EXACTLY what I did :eek:
    I'm sorry! :p that makes complete sense, I thought it was tagged, or the mods did something with words because a few words i've looked up (some elicit words.. such as "porn"; I was looking for a 'good porn site' thread if anyone was curious) were colored, so I figured it was so you mods could go through and catch things more; even though you're already doing fine at it :p.
    Thank you Junkie! I read a bunch on the site, and have been a guest for a long time. I finally made an account a bit ago, but I don't make a lot of threads, or search a lot.. so this makes sense. Thank you!

    Now anyone; WHAT SHOES SHOULD I LOOK FOR?! read op. :D
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    Yea, I thought you guys had a tag system where every time a word came up like for instance another drug, or whatever, you guys could spot the problem areas and adress what needs to be moditized :smoke: it would be easier for you guys haha
  9. Its our own Nancy Drew :laughing:

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