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    So, I have been living in my current apartment for many years, and recently I did my spring cleaning, where literally everything got wiped down. My landlord gave me a clean all chemical for the walls, and upon wiping down my walls, i learned how much tobacco had stuck to them, was rather foul.
    So lately, I have been smoking ciggs outside, on the side of our apt building, and I only smoke in the afternoon/evenings, often with a brewskie after a hard days work.
    Drinking outside at my place isnt a problem, however I have recently been hired on as an employee of my building, and the building across the street, and dont want to be outside in plain view having a smoke and a brew, to obtain my stature.
    Does anyone know of a type of glass that is colored or doesnt reveal the drink inside the glass?
    As you drinkers know, plastic/ceramic just isnt the same.
    Looking for a brand, company or store that might sell something to help me out?
  2. Get a stein :p
  3. try pier 1, sir.

    they've always got a nice selection of coloured glassware.
  4. But people know what are in them, but great idea, thanks.

    Good call but so expensive?
  5. Anything wrong with heavily frosted glasses?
  6. Frosted gold, often means frosted brew :)

  7. not really man, i don't think they've got glasses in there for more than 6 dollars or so. tall or short tumblers, etc.
  8. dollar stores usaully have coloured glass for a dollar each, or metal ones.
  9. Word, although 6 dollars a glass seems high to me as I seem to be clumsy while doing the dishes, but maybe ill buy a few of the cobalt blue and keep em protected, thanks guys.
  10. Why you don't want others know that you're drinking?
    whats the point?
  11. Because I am now an employee and drinking in public is illegal?

  12. But you're not in public, you're in apt. I seen people drink outside of apt balony all the time.

    Drinking in public means, you drinking on the streets, sidewalk. :confused:
  13. No, you missed the point :). I like to now drink/smoke outside, NOT in my apt.
    Hence the whole spring cleaning part.

  14. I know that you like to smoke outside, You have a balony/deck. right?

    Just get this. nobody would know.


  15. Get frosted glass, you can pick that shit up at wal-mart/target for cheap.
  16. No, i do not have a balcony/deck, i am not rich nor live in the midwest.

    And obviously your joking about the beer sleeve, an obvious give away, I want to make it look as though im drinking juice.
  17. well then, just pour in the glass and nobody would know. a canster.
  18. Frooosted glaaaaas cuuuupsssss

    Can be bought at wal-mart for cheap, will block any view of the drink and doesn't look suspicious.

    You could always buy plastic cups you know. 200/$2 isn't bad.

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