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colored glass, toxic?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SupaScoopa, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. I finally picked up my first piece the other day - a multi-colored glass one-hitter that hits like a champ. I have a question, though, and it's going to sound really stupid, but I have to have some kind of reaffirmation about this if I'm going to keep smoking out of it:

    The glass was colored when it was created - is that going to be at all toxic (or any different than smoking out of regular plain glass)?

    I'm talking about glass pipes/bongs/etc like these:


    I know they're all over the place so they've gotta be fine to smoke out of, but I still want some kind of explanation as to how they're not toxic. Thanks and sorry for my ignorance.
  2. yeah it's exactly the same. the color is in the glass.
  3. You're worried about glass being toxic yet you inhale carcinogen filled smoke into your lungs....
  4. Unrelated Question: Most of my experience smoking is from blunts and spoons... so I decided to kick up my game. I am new to water pipes and I just bought two new Sherlock Bubblers. One is noticeably bigger than the other.
    The smaller one pulls really well, but I notice the bigger one takes more effort to pull and feels almost like more air is entering the pipe and less smoke or something.

    What's going on here? Do bigger bongs/bubblers naturally take more effort to pull or feel different when you use them? There are not any cracks or anything in the pipe and the carb is completely covered, air is only coming in through the bowl.
  5. no offence but did you pack the bowl right? any thing airtight with a good bowl should ba able to draw yellow smoke if you hit it slow
  6. no

    u will be just fine
  7. Most likely some weed/ash/resin is jammed into the hole, preventing good circulation.
  8. Heat them to the vaporization point of several types of metal, and then, yes they are.

    However, your weed would have been long gone, and your hands would be bumpin' with pain.

    (The colors = colored glass/fuming from metal.)
  9. Ahh.. no way man. I can't believe this was asked.



  10. Yeah, I know how to pack a bowl n all. Packed or unpacked, when its filled with water it seems like it bubbles less or that I need to use more effort to get it bubbling as much as the smaller one.

    I've never used a bong, so I thought maybe that it was common for big bongs to pull harder than small bongs. Thanks.

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