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  1. Please forgive me if I'm being paranoid/ridiculous about my babies. I've noticed one has some minor (alternate?) Coloration on the tips of the 2nd node. Can anyone see what this might be?

    Disclaimer: I am red/green color deficient so I can't see many shades of either color. Please forgive me if the color on the tips is simply light green - it looks light it might be yellow but it's impossible for me to tell

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  2. I am not seeing too much to be worried about at this point....looks pretty good so far. Just keep an eye on it and report back if it gets worse......or if you are thinking it getting worse.....

    What kind of soil are you using?
    Have you fed it anything other than water yet?
    Do you Ph your water?
    What kind of water do you use? (tap, RO, Distilled, etc)
  3. If the tips are yellow or brown it could be light burn (plants too close to lights) or nutrient burn (over feeding).
  4. I don’t see anything wrong. Looks perfectly healthy to me. With seedlings you kinda want to just let them grow. Watch out for overwatering. No nutes needed for seedlings in soil.
  5. Relax and smoke a bowl - nothing wrong.
    Good luck and welcome to GC.:)
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  6. Okay guys, it's been a couple of days and it's clear there's something wrong with plant #1. These are both CKS Northern Lights Auto in FF HF soil with 0 nutes, day 11 from sprout.


    Plant #1 has spotting and leaf curling, which I suspect is due to light burn. I know it was probably a mistake, but I also wanted to *try* topping an autoflower so I went with the weaker one since I fear she may not make it anyway. So, I topped it.

    Plant #2 looks vibrant and healthy. A few of the same spots that plant #1 has, but a much lower quantity and no curling.

    I had my light (1000w LED, but was only on Veg so ~500w) about 18-20" from the plants for the first 9 days. Moved them up yesterday after this problem became clear.

    So, does this look like light burn to you guys? If so, is the plant salvageable? She's significantly smaller than plant #2, so I'm worried about her.

    Thanks everyone!
  7. To my untrained eye it looks like pH fluctuation or cal/mag deficiency. Is it in coco?

    Doesnt look like light burn unless there were droplets of liquid which magnified the light.

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