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Colorados New 5 Nanogram Law.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokteza, May 29, 2013.

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    thoughts? other than fucking every single mmj patient out there.  

  2. With marijuana legal in Washington and Colorado, is there not enough state money in those 2 states to conduct studies on smoking and driving vs drinking and driving?

    The only article I've ever read on this was from a NORML study, in which the stoned subject was going too slow to be driving impaired (I laughed when I read it)...

    Cmon, get some state money, get some donations or something, just do extensive research on this!

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  3. exactly! and can you guys operate a car when high? I drive like a champ... so I don't really get this. DUI for pot tho?
  4. If 3 beers brings you to .08 will one puff on a joint bring you to 5 nanograms?
  5. I think thats some crackhead logic they got going on over there. I don't have any friends that drive worse when stoned, they drive better! Even if that was the case; most stoners smoke a lot and are experienced so 5 nano grams is probably a slight buzz and plus they have solid evidence to support their 5 nano gram limit that they probably thought off at the last minute
  6. well...the other side has a strong need to treat MJ like alcohol and this is obviously a stab at that.
    field side sobriety tests seem to be the way to there is no way to adequately gauge MJ intoxication by blood levels on site atm.
    I mean come on...can't you tell when someone is too stoned to drive?
  7. Don't get stopped, there's your answer.
  8. Move to California!   :laughing:
  9. I've been driving thru these Denver lanes high going on 6 years. The key is to not give them a reason to pull you over.
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    But what if ur not Caucasian?

    "it's alright, I'm white" lol
    Typically works when u keep it low key (I. E. Follow speed limit, turn music down, use turn signal, turn ur hat front ward, etc etc) and not draw attention.
    But this rule doesn't apply to everyone...

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