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colorado vendors

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dishwasher, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Anyone know of a good source for info on recreational vendors in CO? All I see are medical.

  2. There are no recreational, y would their be when it's legal and medical is best u can get, just go to a medical one u can buy from their now u don't need a card anymore , it's medical n legal so y would u want shittier quality?

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  3. you have no clue what youre talking about. medical and rec sales are handled totally different. you still need a card to get medical.
  4. then how is it people can just walk into a dispensary and buy ganj without a card? Lol iv seen it/ done it/ same with the other 300 people that stood in line for hours

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    Medical doesn't mean shit. It's not like prescription drugs which are manufactured to set guidlines regulated by the fda. Quality does vary by shops as well as on the street.

    When he says recreational vendors he is talking about a shop that will sell for recreational use. To simplify it, let's say he is looking for a shop that has a license to sale recreational mariuana.
  6. .....because those were selling recreational weed. you dont need a card for that. you only need a card for medical purchases.
  7. the majority of people their were for medical even myself they said we didn't need cards and it was a normal dispensaries before it became legal , first person to buy was a army vet for ptsd they were selling medical otherwise we wouldn't have gone their

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  8. there is medical and recreational bud in colorado. medical still needs a card. the difference is mostly just tax and how recreational needs to be tracked. the weed itself doesnt have to be any different.

    if you bought it without a card you were buying recreational weed.
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    The other poster was right, you do not know what you are talking about. Retail shops and medical shops are seperate, because they are ran under two different systems. Owners cannot have their store be both, by law. Medical dispensaries still require a colorado mmj card. Retail only requires you be over 21.

    Your confusion comes from the fact that the first round of retail marijuana liscenses were only given to existing medical dispensaries. However, they were given the option to go retail or not. If they chose to do so, they are no longer a medical dispensary under Colorado law. If they chose to remain a medical dispensary, they cannot sell retail.

    All that being said, retail and medical is the same weed and from the same places, they just have different liscensing and taxation.
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    So can anyone tell me how to find recreational stores? I'm coming from out of state for a short vacation.
  11. Hard not to find them lol Google should be of use, they are businesses....

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