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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TTipper39, Aug 25, 2007.


    "ONE LOVE people get ready" Event

    Why not join your



    FUN~~~~~~~LIVE MUSIC~~~~~~FOOD~~~~~~~~~~EDUCATE~~~~~~~~SOCIALIZE~~~~~~~MEDICATE

    If you are a legal medical marijuana patient or caregiver in Colorado, time to listen up. YOU will NOT want to miss this event. PLEASE consider bringing a POTLUCK for YOUR COMMUNITY to ENJOY?

    The Time has come for

    THIS SUNDAY starting at 2p.m.
    AUGUST 26th
    Oriental Theater
    4335 West 44th Ave
    Denver, CO 80212 ​

    PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a public event, limited ONLY to legal patients and those caregivers who are personally accompanied by their patient, and providing positive affirmative defense as indicated by the Colorado Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registry certification as well as accompanying state issued photo identification at the door. ​

    "ONE LOVE people get ready" events are about medical marijuana patient empowerment. It is a gathering of like minded individuals. It is designed to be a 'level' & safe playing field designed on the time honored Farmers Market concept. Now patients do not have to medicate in the closet, but can get out, socialize and discuss that which is important to them in a regularly available open forum. It is a chance for empowered patients to show off their crafts &/or abilities. Examples of encounters that can occur within the framework of "ONE LOVE people get ready": MMJ Patient "Joe" makes available his homemade hemp jewelry, MMJ Caregiver "Lisa" brings out some of her home cooked delicacy's, medicated or otherwise. Patient "Ralph" meets with caregiver "Seth" and they speak of caregiving options discretely. MMJ Patient "Silvio" brings his folk guitar and plays a tune or two for some others in attendance. It is a FREE FORM ENVIRONMENT, with no financial interest associated with any party. And, if barter occurs, or if relationships develop, so be it. Patients can meet patients, patients can meet caregivers, and speak discretely within the framework of a safe and legal environment.NO OPEN MED SALES and NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY ALLOWED.

    In June, 2006 a core group of patients & caregivers traveled to San Francisco as guests of Americans for Safe Access. During this history making journey, while visiting 10 Bay Area dispensaries, something special happened. We encountered one standout facility, known as the San Francisco Patients Cooperative. This amazing 'safehouse' facility and attached patient garden patio is a place where California medical marijuana patients are made to feel 'at home' & socialize. It is a literal destination for both patients and caregivers, rather than a place to stop and get medicine. Throughout the day, patrons were under no pressure to leave, spending the time talking, enjoying folk guitar entertainment, attending regular mmj educational seminars, developing patient/caregiver camaraderie, and an overall friendly atmosphere of positive opportunity's. It can easily be described as one of the proud primary 'homes' of the California Medical Marijuana Movement. ​

    Colorado does not currently have a "HOME for it's medical marijuana movement. Amendment 20 was passed as our state constitutional right after being enacted in 2000. I am told, It is hard for a movement to organize without one......a few, or many. The Oriental Theater has graciously agreed to host regular monthly events such as this, to bring about more community unity within the legal mmj community. ​

    Last year during a statewide meeting of Colorado mmj activists, an opportunity was extended to try and develop a safe & homey patient/caregiver atmosphere for patients and caregivers statewide, sort of a level playing field of comfortability. The "How To" Place ( ) was utilized successfully for "ONE LOVE,people get ready" events of a similar nature, during January, February, and March, 2007, however, outgrew the facility by nature of the number of legal patients who expressed a willingness to participate. ​

    How will members of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Movement Utilize the ORIENTAL THEATER? ​

    • Allowing the opportunity for us to invite ONLY legally registered patients and caregivers, who must provide proper photo identification as well as confirmation of their current participation in the Colorado Department of Health's Medical Marijuana Registry for entrance to these specialize events.
    • A integrated environment to achieve the true aspiration of the Medical Marijuana Movement: equality.
    • The theater is completely stocked with state of the art digital video and audio technology, available for our use during events, hosting bands, playing videos, etc.
    • If you've been wondering "how to" reach other patients and like-minded individuals, to safely and discretely socialize & medicate, here's an opportunity.
    • The Oriental Theater opens its doors to a diverse group of people ready to rekindle the idea of real community. In a no drama, non-confrontational open harvest market bazaar type atmosphere, patients can bring items they have personally made, hemp bracelets, specialized pastries, or even extra medicine that legal patients/caregivers might want to make available to other patients, etc. An open forum to discuss options, barter, or whatever, in a safe, non-threatening environment. Their is no fear of this group possibly losing State or Federal funding as a result of these events, because there is none.
    • The Oriental Theater is the place where our 'patient/caregiver neighbors' will come for social and educational opportunities about medical marijuana.

    This FREE event is being sponsored by
    North Denver Medical Marijuana Discussion Group
    NRAD North Reasonable Access Denver
    Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative & others


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