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    I hope some of you guys can point me in the right direction.

    I have grown up and lived in the south my entire life. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of the ignorance, prejudice, racism, and narrow mindedness of the south. Obviously if I am on this site, I like marijuana. I have severe insomnia and anxiety issues that lead to other health problem like loss of appetite, compromised immune system, and other problems. The doctors here either want to give me some addictive nasty chemical drugs, or some damn antihistamines that just dont work. Marijuana works for me, yet in pursuing that I am considered a criminal. I dont steal, swindle, or anything that would hurt anyone yet I am a criminal. I dont see the laws changing here anytime soon, and the people will take a lot longer than that.

    All that being said, I love the outdoors. I enjoy just about anything in nature. Where I live now is a truly awesome place for the outdoors, and I dont want to give that up. My ultimate thing would be to find a small town where you can get out at night and walk around, enjoy the air, and dont have to have a car to do every little thing.

    I am trying to sell my wife on this idea. She has no problem with the marijuana but I want to find a place she will love. We enjoy the same things pretty much, nature, music, arts, dining.

    I plan on visiting your state within the next six months or so, and possibly checking out the job market while I am out there. The wife works for a large retailer and could most likely get transferred without a problem.

    Where would you guys recommend staying for a visit given the love of nature? We are more the laid back nature loving types, and prefer a more relaxed, country setting. Of coarse the chance to score some good smoke while I am there would be cool to, but I know that isnt always easy without a card and isnt a requirement.

    What is the cost of living like? We pay about $600 a month here for a small place, is that close to what rentals go for in the less urban areas?
  2. Boulder colorado is the best town ever. Super friendly, organic, outdoors-y, and 300+ days of sunshine!

    I am moving out to cu boulder in 4 days :)

    Have visited 20+ times
  3. Get a better job or have mommys trust fund otherwise you probably shouldn't leave where you are now. I was out there last week and shitty houses in piss ass neighborhoods around Denver were listed at like 600,000 plus...
  4. I live in Boulder as well, but i will say that it is very expensive compared to other parts of colorado and also is not what i would consider a small town. I am a student at CU so i dont have much choice.

    But it is very beautiful and there are lots of outdoor activities to do. But the same can be said of Ft. Collins and many other places. The people in colorado are very friendly and accepting and people who come here seem to love it and how friendly the environment is.

    As far as getting weed goes, I consider most of colorado to be extremely open to cannabis use and you will have no problem getting it. Also if you want a med card they are very easily obtained. I have one and literally have no reason to.

    I am not sure about small towns though that are near the mountains. I hope you can find something. Don't hesitate to ask about anything else.
  5. Castle rock, colorado is a great town to live in! Were right in between colorado springs and boulder. Cops here are sometimes bitches but they mind their own business if ur sitting outside someone elses house. We get a decent amount of snow but not too much... They closed dosn the dispenses here but im a caregiver and theirs a few others around here... Its around 10 dollars a gram here! Or atleast thats what i sell it for:) look up the town

  6. He is looking for a rental man not a house. And definitely not in denver.

    You should be able to find something close. $600-$1000 depending on how many rooms and location.

    What you will find in colorado is that location means everything! Mountain views add $$$ to your bill.

    A lot of colorado is small towns. Denver is relatively small for a city. And its the only one we have really.
  7. I'm moving to Boulder today, at a hotel in Denver now haha.
  8. I do work up at CU and all of you kids moving to bolder this week are driving me crazy :eek: :p

  9. Yeah its pretty bad not going to lie... And I'm one of them haha sorry ;)
  10. Shoot me a PM man, I'll give you my number and give you some tips and what not. I am just not on here enough to be updating and the such. I live in Colorado Springs. VERY nice. It's pretty much a retirement city... so it's pretty sweet and Colorado is VERY green friendly :)

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