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Colorado MMJ Questions.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TyCo420, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Ive asked some of these questions before but i haven't got a reliable answer.

    1) If i get a card and someone dose a background check on me will they know i have a card?
    2) If i make someone my care giver can i still grow my 6 plants?
    3)If i make someone my caregiver how can i take it away? Do i have to keep them my caregiver for a set amount of time?
    4) if my condition is Chronic pain do i have to be 21 to obtain the card?

    If anyone has anything else to say about the rules of having a card it would help a lot!
    Thanks to everyone that helps. :hello:
  2. #1 NO, The registry will only verify info that leo presents to them (for instance during a traffic stop if you present card they may call to verify).
    #2 Law states COLLECTIVELY the patient and caregiver can have 6 plants. But there is a provision that would allow more if medically necessary. With that case you must prove you needed how much your growing.
    #3 You can change at any time for any reason. There is a "Change of caregiver" form on the State site. As of 8-30-09 it must be Notarized.
    4# NO, you can be any age, but if under 18 you must have 2 Drs sig. Some Disp Drs may not sign for certain conditions at certain ages but there is no law about it.


  3. Thanks man!
  4. i'm not sure of the extent of your knowledge regarding marijuana in general in colorado but if you have any other questions
    check here
    Colorado - NORML

    and here for medical laws..
    Active State Medical Marijuana Programs - NORML

    we are lucky to live here in the highest state of em ( we do have fort chronic (aka fort collins the birthplace of cough):smoking:

  5. :D

    Somebody finally recognizes us for the dank nugs we consistently get/ make.

    +rep son
  6. Actually the best place to get your questions answered is at the CO state health department website:

    Medical Marijuana in Colorado

    But the questions you presented look to be accurately answered by PP69

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