Colorado it is! What are the best towns to move to?

Discussion in 'General' started by Señor PoopiePants, May 22, 2010.

  1. Thanks to all that helped me in my other thread - "Up and going to California, and tips?".

    I deleted it because my friend and I have made a decision with Colorado.

    Now, I've checked out Craigslist for apartments, and I see that Boulder is pretty decent (not necessarily cheap) - being 420 friendly.

    But it may be a little TOO expensive to live there, at least at first...

    I've checked out areas like West Colorado, and even this Puebla area, and I'm seeing 2 BR houses for 800 a month and even houses for about 1,000.

    Are these areas decent? And how would I get by with a card?

    I wouldn't mind moving to boulder, but I don't know if we could handle it. yet. Any ideas?? And finally, does anyone know how the job market is?

    +reps to those with good advice!
  2. :wave:CALI STILL ROCKS...but if it's CO. then check out estes park,boulder is cool if u can manage it.greely is party'n college town but it's all flat no mtns.:mad:hope this helps i can use the + rep...;)
  3. I've visited my aunt many times in boulder and I always loved it.

    Tons of dispensaries in the denver area as well. Enjoy bro your living out my dream lol.

    I'm planning on moving out there after college.
  4. Boulder and the Mountain-y areas are good. I love Fort Collins.
    These areas are kind of expensive though. Have you checked out Loveland or Greeley? They are a short drive away from Fort Collins and are usually less expensive to live.
    I wouldn't do Colorado Springs, Pueblo, etc. They don't have the same vibe. Denver is okay-ish, but it's not the same as Boulder and Ft Collins, in my opinion.
    Also, keep in mind that Colorado is a BIG state... so big that you can't see the mountains in some spots, and it is grasslands and psuedo-desert in others.
    I tend to prefer Northern Colorado.
    There are jobs here, but it really depends on what you are looking for. Colorado is in the same economic situation as everywhere else. 8% unemployment.
    MMJ situations depend on the city. Many towns are NOT cool with mmj and don't have dispensaries and won't allow dispensaries.
    Craigslist is a good place to start.
    Don't move without a few hundred saved up. At least enough for 3-4 months rent. There isn't a lot of "affordable housing" here. I've been on the housing wait list for 3 years.
    Also, most places here won't let you rent unless you can prove that your income is 3x's rent. So, craigslist is probably the best way for you to find a place, with or without a roomie. You can also try "the Villages" through the Housing Authority.
  5. Yeah, Denver would be on my list, but like I said, I saw some cheap-ass places. I mean, If I could get there and just deliver pizzas for a few months, I think I would be good.
  6. This doesn't strike me as the best plan.

    Perhaps you might wish to consider college, since we are currently running some 20% real unemployment? If your plan is "move to Colorado and deliver pizzas" your plan has a lot of potential to end with you homeless in Colorado.
  7. How old are you man? Are you in school/have a career in mind?

    You could move in with my aunt and uncle for cheap. They've always housed college students from U of Boulder.

    Dealing with the cats is the real issue though;)
  8. How could that be? Granted I would be stagnant if anything, but how could I not make it?

    If I move with my buddy and rent is 800 a month, that's 400 each a month. That's 100 a week.

    If I deliver pizza, I'm sure I could make $100 in 2 days.

    The only thing I would be worried about is actually FINDING the job itself. But how could this not work?

    And I wasn't talking about delivering indefinitely... Just until I get my card, have a grow going and get settled in...

    I'm not saying "fuck you" to you. Just trying to justify it with math. :)
  9. Be aware that in college towns here, the rent can be posted as the price PER BEDROOM/PERSON.
    The cheapest apartment I've found here was a studio trailer in a really crappy part of town, for 1 person and no pets, and that was $375. Other than that, $530 or so, but most are going to run $600-700 for a 1-2 bedroom.
    Honestly, when I moved here I found a place for $300 on craigslist and it worked out great. My bf and I now pay $680 for a 2 bdrm.
  10. breckenridge and Denver have legalized weed for 21 and up.:smoke:
  11. homeless in cali would b kidding...loveland is nice too,right at bottom of mtns below estes park....have u thought about camping out for the first few months to save some money. id also look into rural property with land.u might even check out lease w/option to buy..who knows if the owners will carry the note you don't have to qualify w/ the banks!

    :pthats soooo....CooooooooooL.....:yay::metal:
  12. Definitely Boulder of Fort Collins. The two college towns. Although, if you're looking to ski, go Boulder, because it's closer to the mountains. I'm going to school in either one of those cities so I'll see ya there when I get outta CC.
  13. Colorado Springs, Vail, and Eagle are really nice

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