Colorado Hike N Tokes, anyone?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by donutbread, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I know it's winter right now, you never know when you'll get a fairly decent day to hike.

    But anyway... I noticed there are a lot of Colorado blades.

    So, my idea is that anyone in the Denver/Boulder/ColoSprgs areas interested in moving their legs, enjoying nature, and toking to a scenic view? Probably not til it stays consistent light jacket weather.

    Just an idea... nothing set in stone until a decent period of discussion on this.
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    I'm not a snowshoer but I have been there many times. It's a YMCA and prices are really affordable. There's no snow in Colorado presently, so this would be an outstanding place to carry everyone. Plenty to do for non-skiers/snowshoers, such as designs and an awesome inside share.

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  3. There's still snow on the ground here in the south metro. I don't really like snowshoes cause they're big n clunky. However, as long as there isn't more than a half foot, I'll definitely wear my boots and hike. The forecast right now has January 4th at a high of 44. But that's too far in the future to predict.
  4. helll ya dog i do green mountain in boulder long ass hike but u can see errytin at the top ahah and pretty much anything by the flatiroins is amazing
  5. Yeah I would be game for some hiking some time. I am fairly new to Colorado visited many, many times but I just moved here a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Where at?
  7. I'm in Golden so anywhere near Denver works for me.
  8. Idk why I abandoned this thread, but now I'm gonna try again. Anyone wanna join?
  9. I live in NW New Mexico and I spend most of my hiking time up around Durango, Cortez, and Mancos.  Sometimes I'll swing over to Pagosa Springs.  It's so beautiful up there.  :)
    Oh, yeah, I agree... from what I've seen in pictures. I have yet to visit the southwest region of CO. But I'm doing 14ers, so I know I'll be hitting up the San Juan Range within the next couple years. 
    The mountains look distinctly different down there compared to the Front Range and those along the I-70 corridor.
    Come on down.  The weather is fine.  :p
  12. Hiking in Colorado is beautiful......When I was a lil kid I went hiking near Estes Park and found an old Arrowhead layin on the ground...

    But soon as I got back home...I dropped it and it broke into a hundred pieces....was pissed was a nice one too
  13. Whenever i'm up in the mtns we smoke on the mountain while skiing, or go snowshoeing and smoke up there while hiking. In the summer basically smoke anywhere while hiking. I'm always outside when i'm not hitting the books for class. Literally can't go wrong wherever you hike here :D 
    Hey man, just moved to Colorado and I'd for sure be down.

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