Colorado here I come!

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  1. Whut's good GC!? :cool:

    Summer time is commin' up quick-like and vacation time is near. This summer me and my girl are gettin' over to CO to do whatever. I haven't been there in a long time so anybody got any suggestions?

    I'm drivin' so I know I'm stoppin to get some buds SOMEWHERE in colorado. Couple towns have it decrim/legal I hear idk.:hello::hello:

    A few buddies of mine say YOU HAVE TO SNOWBOARD. :smoking:

    Gotta hit up a Rockies game. Gotta hit up the zoo aquarium shit. Skateparks fersheezy.

    So is there like a shop in Boulder or Breckenridge or whatever those towns are?..I'm not 21 just yet either if that makes a difference.
  2. no you still have to buy from a dealer in breck
  3. You still have to buy from a dealer no matter where you are in Colorado.

    As lenient as our great state is, the only 'shops' you can purchase from are Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries...
  4. Shiiiit. Well good thing we're drivin' then so we can show up with good ole wisco bud.
  5. i'm going to colorado a couple times this summer. i'm super excited. one trip we're headed up to the mountains for some hiking and white-water rafting. you gotta get up in the mountains. breckenridge is great.

    pretty sure you can't snowboard anywhere this time of year (easily anyway).
  6. Yeah I was gonna say that too.

    But lucky you, I wish I could go this summer. Oh well, just going to Australia will have to do lol :p. Anyways, I know my first choice in summer would be to go to the Trestle Bike Park, at the Winter Park Ski area. I'm love to mountain bike and bike parks are awesome. I went to Breck this past winter and it was pretty sweet, but IDK what is so great there in the summer lol, since it's pretty much a ski town.

    EDIT: heh heh 555 posts
  7. Sweet. yeah we'll be commin in thru the top so that leaves room for Boulder and Breck I believe. woop. sceneryyyyy
  8. haha yea... if you come to boulder your gonna be buyin on the streets still but its all good. And yes the weed laws here are pretty kick ass, what is it... up to half oz is just a petty offense, then half o to half p is misdemeaner, and half p or above is felony hahahahha, im not 100% on the numbers anymore but, its pretty lax

  9. Good to know man thanks! :] Any headshops you reccomend in Boulder? or Denver:hello:
  10. Well Aspen/independance pass is amazing in the summer, and theres plenty of buds here.
  11. Got back from Colorado not too long ago. It was a three week camping/road trip with my friend. We drove his Jetta all the way out there from Georgia and made our first stop in Telluride right around the time of the Bluegrass festival. We didn't end up staying for the festival but we did smoke a bowl with some local kids who had just got out of high school and were celebrating by having a night in the woods away from the valley.

    Then we made our way to Leadville and climbed Mount Elbert. Great experience although the day before we made our attempt we both got pretty harsh altitude sickness. Felt like my brain was swelling and felt really lethargic. Only downer of the trip really.

    Finally, we stayed the rest of the time up in Boulder. Great little college town and a very active one at that. I was impressed with the very nice pedestrian laws and the slackness on smoking culture.

    Can't wait to visit again sometime. Probably won't be till next summer. I think I might stay in one location next time though and go with a few more friends than just one other person. One person can get quite annoying after a bit. Also, I will have a more solid itinerary and a little extra cash.
  12. Got back from Denver a couple weeks ago; Had a blast! Can't wait to go back either. We stayed in downtown Denver but visited Parker, Boulder and Estes Park.

    My girlfriend and I did so much there was hardly any time spent in the hotel room. Denver Zoo, Aquarium, Nature n Science Museum, Molly Brown House, we went to the Stanly(sp?) Hotel where the movie The Shining was written I believe. We lurked around a sweet ass Greek Festival and aslo got to see a Gay Pride festival too. There are soo many pix but my pc is slow these days I'll throw down a couple for yall. Have a great summer gc!
  13. ^^^ hahaha isnt colorado the bomb diggity!!!!! lol
  14. Snooch:cool:

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  15. ^^^ that first pic is my favorite mountain in the range you can see from boulder hahaha, so pretty in the fall
  16. I want to move to CO so bad!
  17. I want to travel out of CO SOOO bad but not permanently hahahha havent gone anywhere crazy in a long time
  18. Colorado is awesome I wanna move there. SirSog come down to GA and chill for a bit man you seem pretty chill. You gotta spot on my coutch man. Happy smokes.
  19. nioce! have fun man. I almost moved up to Colorado with a good friend of mine. kinda sad that it didn't work out, Colorado looks mad fun
  20. :eek::eek::eek::eek: Those pictures look astounding. They look picturesque of the great outdoors. Damn I really wanna' hit up Colorado!!!:D:smoking::D:smoking::D:smoking:

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