Colorado Gunman possible MK-Ultra

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    For those of you not familiar with MK-Ultra, here's the wiki: Project MKUltra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think this man, Robert Potter explains the situation best:

    Gunman turns Batman screening into real-life 'horror film' -
  2. [​IMG]

    PS: Way to include the CNN link, but it didn't distract from the "one vibration" link that you actually quoted quite as well as you might have been hoping...
  3. Or he was just a fucked up sociopath. Not everything is a conspiracy. Colorado is very pro-gun. But it is also very pro-meth. I'm not saying this guy was on drugs but there are some crazy ass people living here.

    I've lived in the springs my whole life and I've met some fucked up heads. All of my friends and I have guns. Yet we still use them like they should be, hunting and protection.

    Don't insult the victims and their families by saying this is some weird ass new world order plan. This is life. There are 7 billion people on this tiny ass rock. Some people are bound to go insane. Some kid at my high school tried to shoot it up but told the wrong person the day before he was going to and was arrested before he could.

    Let's all use our common sense and respect the people who lost their lives.
  4. cant anyone just be a dam crazy! and i swear im going to lost it if there is actually a ban on guns, i will flip shit!

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