Colorado Governer Hickenlooper Kicks Ass

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Old School Smoker, May 31, 2013.

  1. OK, but how can they ban collectives when people are legally allowed to grow in their homes?
    Talk about commerce clause out of control!
    There banning collectives in Colorado?
  3. They're banning them according to that article. (More Huff Post communist bull, as usual.)
    Which makes sense and follows their plan, since the government wants to be the pimp of all of this with their "corporate partners." Government/coproations want their hand in ANYTHING which has a profit potential. Even collectives would take away from that, so they will be banned.
    More reason for me to Grow my own . That's the best thing about Colorado's law , Being able to grow 6 plants per adult :)
  5. hey, I know, let's try something about READING the damned isn't banning collectives, it just stops profiteering a-holes hiding behind the guise of being a collective...
  6. Colorado here I come.
  7.  Exactly how I feel. I'm making the move this fall to finish school out there
  8. The collectives clauses are just to keep people from giving away "free" weed for a "donation".  I think true collectives, where people go in before the grow and pool resources, will be OK.  But not collectives that grow and then sell "at cost".  Notice all my quotes.  Semantics are everything right now, and that is part of what the new laws aim to rectify.
    And the title of this thread should be Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Sucks Ass.
  9. Hickenlooper is liberal trash. He would have vetoed everything if it would not have been political suicide. Don't even get me started about his anti gun stance. I'm moving to CO in 30 days and I look forward to bring his ass out as a proud resident next election.
  10. Yeah, Hickenlooper had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this... he fought A64, and continues to slam it every chance he gets. Still, he signed the amendment, and the regulatory bill, so he's no political fool. He just doesn't like marijuana, which makes sense, as he made his money in bars and beer, and has Coors' backing...  politicans like Hickenlooper are always eager to bad mouth MMJ, until it's suddenly a serious economic contender, and then they are ready to reap the rewards. Same thing happened with medical ganja when HB1284 passed. 
  11. Lickenpooper Licks Ass!
  12. Imma miss colorado hope Washington turns out good!

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