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Colorado dispensaries

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GreenWare, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. I've noticed most dispensaries up here are fairly pricey... Is this just where I'm going or are there actually decent places around here?
  2. that depends... what town do you live in?
  3. anywhere NoCo i live in Ft Collins
  4. I am in Golden, which is about an hour and a half from you and the prices here are 50 to 65 an 8th + tax depending on club. There are rarely any breaks between a 8th and a quarter or half zip. Ounces, there is about a 25 dollar break usually. This is for non caregiver prices of course, but ya it's fairly steep price wise as I was surprised after recieving my card months ago...

    I've even came across clubs that will only sell quarters and no more than an 8th of one kind of bud, and some clubs that charge by the gram all the way up to an ounce!:eek:
  5. dispenseries won't undercut street prices for obvious reasons.

  6. riiight... so, dispensary prices are set so that their clients are more likely to keep with the black market?

    that just doesn't make any sense.
  7. I've heard that shit was expensive, but damn. $50 - $60 for an eighth? :eek:
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    one of my buddy's goes to a place here in denver that sells 1/8 for 45 and 1/4 for 85. of some dank dank shit

    also i think he had to make them his caregiver
  9. I've been wondering this same thing about CO..thx for the info blades.
  10. Dispensaries won't undercut street prices, but they also are not THAT high above street prices for the quality they are providing.

    According to the High Times THMQ, the current nationwide average for Kind (AK-47, Sour Diesel, things with a brand name) for December was $435 per ounce. In Colorado, street prices for Sour Diesel was $300 an ounce. From my research, dispensary prices for Sour Diesel range from $325 to $350 per ounce. Higher than street prices, but lower than the national average.

    Dispensaries tend to stock a LOT of Kind, and not much on the mid-to-schwag. (some do, but most don't) If you are getting REAL White Widow on the street, you can expect to pay $300 an ounce in Colorado. Of course, you are always going to have some dealer *swearing* that he has WW, and that it's only $200 an ounce.....but you can tell the difference from smoking a gram of that to smoking a gram of WW that you get from a dispensary.

    Also, most of the locally grown MMJ that supplies dispensaries in Colorado is grown hydroponically. For other, obvious reasons. (Climate, security on outdoor grows is a nightmare, etc.) The non-locally grown MMJ is shipped from California or Mexico, so you have the extra price of transport.

    Think of it just like any other produce. A tomato you get at the grocery store, say. You have your regular tomatoes, they have commercial genetics, bred for yield and toughness (the ability to keep through transport and time). They are cheap, and you can get them just about anywhere, but they taste rather bland.

    Then you have your organic or heirloom tomatoes. They are either grown locally in greenhouses (with high overhead), or shipped in specialty trucks that minimize damage to them (more high overhead). In either case, they are more expensive, both because of the overhead in growing them and/or transporting them, and because they do not have high yields... but they are tasty.

    Which would you rather have on your sandwich?

    Bak Alchisk
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    My buddy owns a dispensary here that charges $35 an eighth, $10 gram for any nug they have if you sign them as your caregiver. And yeah, it's dank. He sold to many dispensaries around here before he opened his dispensary in December. PM me if you want their number and where they are.

    If you're not a patient, they charge $14 per gram, $49 eighths. Thought I'd add that
  12. Wish I could buy weed from a dispensary. Just to try it out. I don't live close to ANY though. In fact, I think there might only be one in Canada.

    Do they really have lip balm and random shit like that? Accessories and chocolate bars that get you high.:smoke:

  13. Some of them. It's mostly edibles, herb, and sometimes tincture. Hash oil is the best part of going to them though :D that shit gets your fuckin riiiiiiiiiipped
  14. anyone been to ganja gourmet? their menu is expensive, but it seems like a sweet place to go. also, are there any other places that let you medicate on site?
  15. Fort Collins?

    Top Shelf 10/14 (member/nonmember), right next to Fort Collins Plastics. they are my caregiver, dank edibles, dank joints, dank hash, dank nugs. friendly people. cheap cheap cheap prices.

    In Harmony Wellness used to be my caregiver until i went to Top Shelf. they are in Windsor, right off the 392 exit. 12.50/15 (member/nonmember), dank products friendly people. a little bit of a drive, only downside.
  16. + Rep. Thank you VERY much!
  17. My bro goes there frequently, so i'm assuming its def worth a visit
  18. Thank you for the kind words about our place. While we work hard to make a positive influence for the medicinal community as well as the community at large, none of this is possible without all of the people that helped to set the wheels in motion.

    We don't have 10 flat screens or 50 strains, but were extreemly proud of what we do have, and enjoy sharing it. Thanks Again!


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