Discussion in 'General' started by calikicksnet, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Hello
    i was wondering if you put food coloring in your water will it change the color of you plant and or will it harm it ?
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    why don't you not put food colouring in the water?
  3. seriously, i don't see your or any plants changing color just from food coloring.
  4. could work if you did it like a couple hours before harvest so the plant sucks up all the colour...dont know what it would do to the buds though ha that would be weird to put blue food colouring in and all the buds change blue!
  5. You never changed the color of celery in kindergarten?
  6. ^i remember that!
  7. i totally remember that experiment!!! i would make sme different color flowers, it was crazy

    as far as i know, all it would do is change color, but i dunno if it would harnm you in anyway?

    Good Luck!
  8. looks like someones trying to sell fake purp..... haha just kidding
  9. Food coloring is so nontoxic to eat, it's great.
    Idk about smoking though. I'd love to turn my lungs purple..or blue!! :D
  10. or red orange yellow green blue and purple :smoke:
  11. or black.
    ooh, could you imagine.
    people dying their bud black for halloween!! aww
    and then they'd make the crystally goodness orange.
    i'd totally hit that.
  12. haha that would be awsome!

    something tells me that it would only change the leaves or the hairs on the bud... wait this stupid logic. buds are budding flowers....

    yeah that would totally work! im sure people have done that to sell fake purp or something
  13. why would food coloring harm you it all? its completely fine and non toxic. i never did the celery experiment, that sounds like a lot of fun lol

  14. Ahhh... does no one remember the Red Dye #3 fiasco from a couple of decades ago? Non-toxic? Wait a few years... we'll find that other colors cause cancer, too.

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