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  1. Hi. I've been growing at my 6000' cabin in S. Calif. for 30 years. I was always told to harvest when the tips of the buds just start turning pink. I've been doing some research and see most buds have dark red in the bud and that I've been harvesting too soon. Photos of my buds. I have Indica, Sativa and Kush buds. They have been turning pink for about a week, do I let them grow till there is lots of red or harvest now when they are pink? Thanks in advance.

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  2. id say about 4 weeks left
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  3. at least 4 weeks calyx's need to swell ,,its not the hairs you go by its the trichomes on the buds themselves ,, heres a picture to help you out ..mac/ when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram (1).jpg to help you out ...get a jewels loupe or magnifying glass to check the trichomes ,,mac.
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  4. Wow Mac, 4 weeks. Don't know if I can make it that long, lol. Thanks for the chart, I'll print and save. Yea, I'm an old guy also, been growning for 50 years. You'd think I'd know how to harvest by now. lol.
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  5. id say 6 weeks to go to be honest.. i like the indica couchlock body high and they also gain weight smell and taste in this extra week or so.. anyway trichomes is how u determine harvest time

    good luck. it looks great

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  6. oh well you livev and learn mate ,i make mistakes all the bloody time lol..luck with your harvest when it comes.mac,,
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  7. You mean to tell me this bud is going to swell more? Its now about 12 inch tall and 3 inches wide, over 4 feet tall kush.. Gee, I worry now when I leave my cabin to go to town, how can I survive another 4 weeks, lol. I'll have to hire security. lol

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  8. So if I'm getting this right, the trichomes on my buds haven't developed yet. I got a magnifying glass and the trichomes are too small to see inside. Can't tell if they are clear, cloudy or not. So those trichomes will continue to grow and swell to the size you can see inside and then I harvest per the clarity of the trichomes.
  9. the Trichomes are on the calyx's ( where the white hair come from) as the hairs go brown/reddish brown they will recede back in to the calyx or just fall off the calyx's will swell up to make the Kolas big and fat and then you will be able to see the Trichomes stand up on the buds and sugar leaves around the buds ,,give the plant another two weeks then look again for trichomes ,and post pictures again here and we can see then how much longer the plant has to go before harvest ,,,ok of luck ,,mac,,
  10. Let them grow. You will double your yield as they swell tremendously in the last two weeks.

    Here’s a pic of the trichs on a Black D.O.G.
    I just started flushing

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  11. not even close to fully swell bud.
    1.5 months to go

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  12. Halloween is my usual harvest date in the basin of Greater So Cal. Later if it's a land race sativa. Some I've run till Christmas.
    Up at 6000 ft you've got the cold to deal with so pull just before the first predicted hard frost.
    My 2 cents
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  13. Will do Mac. Thanks for the great info.
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