Color leaving leaves. Thrips?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by UncleNate89, May 18, 2010.

  1. Fox farm soil
    Fox Farm Nutes
    1 gal pots
    8 42-watt cfl
    3 weeks old
    not sure of strain

    The other day I noticed my plants were starting to lose color on the top of the leaves. I had given then nutes for the first time and thought I may have used a little too much. The new growth is what is changing color, so I assumed it wasn't nutrient burn. They aren't really yellow, just a pale green. Looked around the problem page and thought it might be Thrips. I looked and didn't see any bugs or any Thrip poo. Any other ideas?

    the first two are of the sick one. the last is my healthier plant, but the new growth is a lot lighter green.
  2. Exactly how much nutrients did you use? I have alot of experience w/ foxfarm. Looks like it may be nute burn.
  3. Be careful with the ff nutes/soil. The soil (Ocean Forest) is good for 30 DAYS! That means water only no nutes. After the 30 days you can slowly (1/4 strength) get you plants built up. Id check your water and make sure the lights arent burning them. They are more than saveable tho...just a little burn.
  4. also tis the season for Id spray them down now. :) if you feel they need it.

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