***color changing pipe before and after***

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by ripdatshit, May 9, 2010.

  1. yo i picked up this piece almost 2 weeks ago. ive had a quad of schwag, and almost an eighth of chron go through it.
  2. the only difference I see is a smaller picture and a dirty bowl...
  3. yea that shit is almost exactly the same rofl
  4. before and after what? two bowls?
  5. i have like nearly the same pipe, got it for like 12 bucks lol
  6. seriously, the pics are pretty bad comparison. and this pipe is pretty decent sized so it take a while to rez up.
  7. you smoke a quad of schwag..then an 8th of chronic..thru the same pipe..ew

    if you can afford all that bud..you can buy a much better piece. but hey everybody has to start somewhere.
  8. well, i used to have a reallyy nice bong, and bub. but my fucking luck i broke both of them. so i decided to down grade, and just stick to a simple bowl.
  9. :( sorry man, yeah thats understandable..easier to replace a cheap spoon then an elaborate bong/bubbler plus u gotta find the blower and all that nonsense.
  10. yeah for sure. ill probably invest in a new bong once i get carpet in my room, these tile floors have given me hell.
  11. Ahaha, we have the same pipes! I got mine today, gonna christen it tommorow for a wake and bake
  12. nice piece. who cares about haters i see some color around the bowl and a bit on the neck of the pipe wat till you smoke more and its completely black on the inside:cool:

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