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Color changing glass * The before and after thread*

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Alexyonfire!, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Looks sweet but it looks like the same pic just one has the lights on and one has lights off and reflecting your computer screen..

    Either way it looks sweet
  2. So this was my pipe until a few weeks ago. campus security searched my shit and found this and then confiscated it. I didnt take many pictures of the after because i wasnt planning on having it taken away.

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  3. Sorry to hear that.. But it was really nice one ;)

  4. i love how NYC is getting flamed when everybody else's word is worth like nothing.
  5. Damn son! I have a color changer that barely even looks different when it changes color. It just gets a little darker. That is a true color changer.
  6. sick thread i have a befor pic but aint changed color much its fumed a little bit by the bubble.. ill be back with a after pic,,, [​IMG]

  7. :hello:
  8. Where u get that pipe man it looks so so bad ass
  9. :Dthanks bro my first honeycomb got at it my LHS 420 degrees below. 35 bucks i get discounts in there..
  10. is that a photoshop?
  11. is wat photoshop?:smoking:
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    my local cheap tobacco store/headshop tried to sell me a "color changing" perc. it was pink, so i didnt really want to buy it, and asked if he had it in any other color. he then told me "oh no, this is a color changing perc. it goes from pink to brown." lmao, no duh. its called resin :D
  13. haha thats funny that he said brown...
  14. how do they work? i have one but idk how it works
  15. glass particles are basically blown into the tube, and can only be seen w/ a dark background aka ressed up
  16. Reminded me of this instantly.

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  17. I love this comment
  18. lol maybe if he could have seen his face before he posted his comment it would have detered him :p
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