Color changing glass before and after

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  1. Post all your color changing glass before and after pics here. I love color changing glass. I'll post mine as soon as I find the cord for my camera.

    I know this has been done before but all the other ones are old so let's try to keep this one going and maybe it can get a sticky.
  2. unfortunately i can't get a pic but i don't want this thread to die.

  3. I've never really had a color changing piece before.. surprisingly cause I've had quite a few pieces..

    My pipes look really different from when I clean them and when I'm using them daily..

    so sometimes the colors look better up against black (resin) instead of the clean clear glass lol
  4. I've always had color-changing pieces, never really was a big deal to me. Unfortunately I can only provide after photo's... No before's. Next time I buy a piece I'll drop some pics

  5. Glad you like the thread I'll try to find the cable for my camera so I can upload my picture of a new piece I got last week.

    Come on blades there's gotta be someone on gc with pics of there color changing glass.

  6. You can take a pic next time you clean it.

  7. Cleaning is dreadful :confused_2:

  8. Haha. So you just never clean it? :confused: It can be a bitch but the smoke tastes so much better once you get all that nasty resin outa your piece.
  9. yeah but at the same time when your outta weed for a while that resin can become a very good friend, especially if you smoke alota hash

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