Color changing glass before and after smokage

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  1. Which was my original point. Its like the military naming a missile the peace keeper. Its dirty, you should clean it, and some stoner was like yo... ill call this color changing, then I dont have to clean it. WIN!
  2. Not all dirty pieces are called color changing... just the fumed ones, which do have the appearance of changing color when dirty.

    I don't see why people are arguing about this.

    If you don't like letting your glass get any resin build up, then by all means clean it. Some people like seeing what their fumed piece will look like once it gets some resin in it. Who cares?
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    lol thats not true. i dont have pics, but i had a small pipe that started out black with small barely visable lines in it.and after using it for 5 months the entire piece is covered is large colorful swirls. and when you look at the bowl on it, you can see the color in depth, and it remains the same even after alcohol and salt bath

    in other words. it really changed color. and it got lighter. so i dont think it could be the film of resin
  4. Any piece that isn't opaque will "change colors" once the interior surface begins to get coated in a resin backing to the translucent pipe.

    Not me. I'm simply correcting the misnomer that glass changes colors when you smoke it. :)

    SpaceGhost also thinks that was a worthless post, and told me to tell you if you want to use big words like "argument" at least learn how to spell them first. ;)

  5. I know, man. I'm not denying that at all. I'm just saying those aren't referred to as "color changing glass" like fumed pieces are. :p

    I get this feeling like we're all kind of saying the same thing in different ways. :hide:
  6. Eh, if I threw mud all over my car, would it be a different colored car? :D
  7. I... what?
    What are we even arguing about? :laughing:

    I'm not saying "color changing glass" is an accurate term, because yeah the glass doesn't actually change color. "Fumed" is really a more appropriate term.
    All I was ever pointing out was that fumed pieces are the ones people refer to as "color changing glass".

    I'm so fucking confused. Lol
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    we're arguing over nothing here, but since technically color is waves of light being reflected and the resin changes the way light reflects off/through the glass, it would seem to me that it technically changes "color"

  9. Yes, the color would be brown. Just like if i threw a bucket of paint on a car it would be whatever color that paint is, until u CLEAN IT off. If u somehow washed the paint off a car, would it be a different color? I'll let u figure that one out.
  10. so do i have ccg or not hahah
  11. BAM!! Wisdom.

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