Color changing glass before and after smokage

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  1. Hey GC. I was looking for some pics of color changing glass pipes before and after smoking to see how much they really change. I know theres already a lot of threads like this, but they're all old and nobody posts on them anymore. So I thought I'd try to start a new one. I'll post pics of mine when it gets there. In the mean time, post yours!
  2. hey this is my new glass, i got it a month ago and its changing alot already


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  3. Good example. I have never really seen a piece actually change colors so this was good proof that it is true! Haha
  4. sick piece my friend.
  5. I dont consider that color changing glass. I consider that a fumed piece that is nasty dirty in need of a cleaning.
  6. Uhh... Color changing glass is fumed glass... Which changes colors when dirty... :hide:

  7. And so you purposely leave your pieces dirty in order to be able to "see the resin" through the glass. The glass color isnt changing at all, the color behind it is. Doesnt make sense to me. Kinda stupid.

  8. you do realize thats how color changing glass works right?
  9. The reason it changes colors is because there is a film of resin on the inside that darkens the colors.

    Not a very good example but this is my pipe after about 10 sessions. As soon as you clean it, it looses the color change.
  10. uh, it changed color.
  11. You may find it stupid, but that is what the term "color changing glass" means. :p
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  12. Nope. That's color changing
  13. Thanks for the replies. Keep it up!:wave:
  14. No, that's a pipe getting res'd out.
  15. which is what causes the colors to change
  16. The colors don't change. The backing becomes opaque which gives the appearance of a changed color. If you clean it, it looks exactly the same as it did on day 1.

    Technically every pipe you smoke will "change colors" if you don't clean it. That doesn't make the glass color changing though, just dirty. :rolleyes:
  17. yeah, which is why the name "color changing glass" is deceptive.
  18. [​IMG]

    SpaceGhost thinks this is a stupid arguement
  19. i am confused....

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