Color Changing Glass and Pennsylvania.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Kottonmouthed42, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Hey whats up puffers? I am just wondering why no one that ships color changing glass online can ship to pennsylvania. Why is this?
  2. moving to pennysylvania!!! are there many headshops near the Horsham area?
  3. No what im asking is, why can't they ship color changing glass to Pennsylvania?
  4. Because of operation pipe dreams. We're not allowed to ship these pieces to certain states.
  5. Damn ashcroft. I read up about "OPERATION PIPE DREAMS." Wow. Completely rediculious. I live in Pittsburgh too, right where one of them raids were. Im disgusted by the fact IF the government could seize every marijuana bud in the world, and prevent anyone from getting it, in about 3 years from then, they would leagalize it. Most of you probably heard this before but the reason the government probably isn't planning on leagalizing marijuana is because of how widespread it is. If they had control of it, they would leagalize it because it could be TAXED. Right now, theres no chance of it being leagalized because the government can't TAX it and make money off of it. -Just what i think about shit like that.
  6. PA is really tightening it's grip, and it's main target is questionable smoking devices and equipment. Things that used to be available, like pipe screens, hookahs, glass pipes, etc are on their way out. It sucks. I went to GA to get my piece.
  7. Ill just have to go to that hick convention in Ohio where they sell glass peices.
  8. oh my god, that is absolute bvllsh!t, i hope that doesnot happen in ct, or ga
  9. If i order from another place within the United States and they can ship to pennsylvania, what would be the deal wit that? Would i get caught? I wouldn't have to worry about customs since its within the US.
  10. Also, the plain glass ones that are sold on the city, can they be shipped to PA?
  11. There are no online headshops based out of the US anymore due to OPD. There may be one that went up recently but they'll be shut down soon. The DEA will probably get some arrests out of it.

    Just try to put what you want in the shopping cart and if it isn't allowed to ship, it will let you know. I think it's just the CCG but I haven't tested the others lately.
  12. Ya it is just the CCG. I went through everything. I mean cmon now they can ship salvia and not a pipe that CHANGES COLORS? Lame state laws.
  13. So, I'm pretty misinformed, but are pipes in general illegal?

    Even ones that may be intended for tobacco usage?
  14. NO. The color changing glass is just like that because its made for pot smoking. You can go to any rite aid and buy a wooden pipe.
  15. So you're telling me that if I were walking down the street smoking tobacco out of a CCG pipe, and there was no trace of weed on either me or my pipe, I could still get arrested?

    What the fuck is wrong with everything today?
  16. Ya i think depends what mood the cop is in.
  17. And it depends what state your in i think too. Think bout it, you sell a CCG pipe, and you get arrested. Theres no rezin in the pipes they sell, but they still get charged and put in jail for selling them.

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