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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by froggy, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. ive been thinking about doing this for a while and i guess the time has come.

    i got a good stash, i got some plants that im not crazy about. what the hell, lets give it a try huh?

    this is the setup;

    bubblegum strain.

    pretty much done flowering.

    i let them dry for a few days so they will take what i give them quickly.

    from left to right 1-2-3

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  2. this is the toys

    yellow and red makes orange right? :)

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  3. red blue orange

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  4. first lets see how well they suck up color and in what time.

    blue is first.

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  5. HIGH All, oh oh watch out City...we have a mad budding botanist in our midst.
  6. then red

    cut the plant and immediately plunge it into food coloring.

    ill give em 30 min to see what happens.

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  7. well its been about 1/2 an hour and virtually nuthing. i prolly should have tried this with a 'greener' variety but should be ok. where the leaf has been immerged into the color there is definate color, i think im gonna try that with a few bud's.

    so i guess its onto phase 2.

    i dunk a hardy batch of blue food coloring into the dirt and keep it under the hps and see what happens.

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  8. as i think about it...i have a choice and u all have about 2 hours to convince me of which to do.

    is red or blue the color for vanilla?
  9. well as i think about it, never mind.

    ill just go with the first plan.

    so over the next days. ill be adding blue vanilla, red pinapple, orange/orange juice.

    wish me luck!
  10. HIGH All, luck......
  11. good luck man... wish I cought this thread before you did anything... my roomate tried something like this last year and fucked his babies up. He had 4 plants, and experimented with 2 by mixing in Hawiian Punch with their water, then one day watered the wrong 2 by mistake. All 4 died a couple weeks before harvest.

    **Edit** The food coloring might be fine... it doesn't hurt foods or most drinks, so that might be ok. The only problem might be the concentration that you're using.
  12. well u understand that they are done. and being harvested by tomorrow night. so killing them isnt an issue.

    they will be harvested according to how this color goes. if i get the color i want...(maybe if i get any color:) i will take em out.
  13. 2 hours and nuthin yet.

    i would expect serious results in 8 hours.
    but my room smells like citric and vanilla :)

  14. i think it would take a lot of dye to over come the clorofill in the plant?
    maybe even if no result is shown after 8 hours it may show when the bud is dry and cured?
    what ever the results are i tip my hat to you.
    i'll be watching this with interest.
  15. timer went off, must be 8 hours passed.

    sorry to say but everything still looks the same.

    but smells wonderful.

    and im not sure if im smelling the soil or the plants either.

    my plan here is to hold them like they are overnight. then in the morning give them another shot of flavoring in the morning and see what comes of it.
  16. woke up and pretty much the same situation.

    no color but smells wonderful.

    i also dunked a few buds into coloring and we'll see what happens with that.

    i gave em another shot of flavor and will harvest tonight.
  17. here are the buds that i dunked into colored water. i dunked the bottom buds into the fluid just to see what will happen.

    they both kinda look funky right now and i think they will retain alot of that coloring. like i said, we will see.

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  18. well they are fully dried but not cured.

    they are smokeable tho.

    results are as follows;

    color never moved up any of them.
    the stained buds are seriously stained still and will remain that way till they are smoked...but i dont wanna smoke them. ill let someone else be the ginny pig

    but the flavor is a diff story.

    nothing on the vanilla.
    there is a slight citric smell to the orange.
    there is a definate pineapple smell to the pineapple.

    im in the process of curing them now and i can definately tell the diff when i open up the orange or pineapple over the vanilla. and when i open the pineapple one...the room fills.

    question it harsh or tastie or what?
    well its hard to tell for me cuz im around it all day and frankly i cant remember the last time i wasnt stoned :) im not sure if its taste but it sure smells good.

    so im gonna bring the pineapple to a small get together of smokers. ive told them there is a suprize. i havnt told them what it is but they know its gonna good. so this is the unbiased focus group.
  19. ...if it's not how or where one goes but rather the trip itself, then, why color your buds? It's like driving a red, orange or blue car around when it doesn't matter what color when you're the one driving?

    I tends to get "phyllosphical" when I ties one on. Saturdays are for smokin'!
  20. coloring the bud would be 'about the trip, not the trip itself'.

    as to the smoke fest report, one noticed anything but kind smell. after i mentioned it to them, they all commented that yes there is a citric smell to it. maybe a pineapple smell.


    my results are very poor i think.
    i dont know if i would try this again.

    i think the thing to work on is the taste of the MJ itself rather than adding flavors.

    growing organically, with good air exchange and good light systems, using compost, offering the plant what it needs and desires. my guess is that growing with love will do more for the flavor than adding OJ.

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