Colony Despotic

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  1. Wrote this last night. I couldn't sleep - like at all. So, I stayed up and wrote this in hour. Finally at 3:30 I fell asleep.

    I wrote to this music: [ame=]Hard Beautiful Smooth hip-hop {rap} Instrumental - YouTube[/ame]

    Colony Despotic

    Huddled around a suitcase
    Waiting for their heads to warm
    Puddles are soon to embrace
    The tears of man left in war
    But the wolves still embrace
    How thick the blood pours
    Love the sick after-taste
    Of "just" another fallen spore

    Training young pups how to be biotic
    Psychotic strategy just to win a contest
    Strip it to the essentials "Who bites the loudest?"
    Standing tall over their prey; a new conquest
    Craving hung lungs so voice can't change the topic
    Hypnotic undertones leave packs chaotic
    Plague spreading wild, leaving masses necrotic
    New found over-dog; "Welcome to Colony Despotic"

    Where they flash fangs and never ask questions
    Popularity contests are mistaken as Elections
    Infections are common; but still no prevention
    Adding a deadly serum to their prized possessions
    Just a herd of sheep waiting for wolves direction
    Mindless drones still thinking of natural selection
    Deflections arise when the one named "God" is inspected
    Looking for something to cling on, under oppression

    Get me the fuck out of here
    I'm turning into one of them
    I'm battered and full of fear
    And my wool is still a gem
    I miss home, Planet Endear
    Where there is no condemn
    Or a single dropped tear
    Mothership... Mothership....when...*static*​

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