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  1. hello,
    I was wondering are there any pure colombians i could possibly purchase???
    From like a seed bank? possibly?
    I alreayd have a couple pures but I would say colobians are bomb and i would like to bring the strain back to life...
  2. Actually it has been bought back to life w/ sevferal of todays strains. Thai, various Mexican strains, and Columbian have genetics in almost every strain available today. If you have ever grown a pure IBL Santa Marta Columbian, or a lowland coastal Columbian, you would understand.

    World of Seeds offers a Santa Marta Columbian Gold which is said to be 75% true Columbian genetics. I'm almost certain the 25% Indica in the genetic line is to shorten flowering time and give it more uniform characteristics. I know of a couple growers that have grown it and it is the closest strain I have seen on the market when compared to my true IBL Columbian strain. The strain I possess has been kept going for 30 yrs and only a handful of breeders possess both mother & father.

    If I was to suggest a class of breeders it would be the WOS Columbian b/c it is the closest I have seen to the real thing.

  3. there's already another thread on this topic

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