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Colombian Gold 72

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Litew8stoner, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. So I've been hearing about "Colombian Gold" for years from old folks. It was one of America's favorite strains back in the day. Lots of oldtimers on internet forums rave about it too. I live in Colorado now, and shop around for cannabis and have noticed those old school strains pop up sometimes but sell out suspiciously fast.

    I first saw a jar of colombian gold at a place called "TruCannabis" it was a mostly empty jar with some small nugs and shake at the bottom on "Red Label" price which was the most expensive. I didn't even smell or look at it and got something else. Big mistake. I asked a buddy who lived by there if he'd tried it and he said the budtender told him that all the shop employees buy it out when it comes in. They never seemed to have any back in stock ever again.

    A magazine which does strain reviews had an article on it and mentioned that a shop called "Good Chemistry" features it as one of their strains. I looked on their site and it said their shop had it in stock. I made my way over there and asked the bud tender confidently for some. She said there was none left. I was pretty unhappy but picked out some Durango OG which was some good shit. So I had been checking their site regularly and finally they seemed to have some in. I was going to go after work on payday but fell asleep. I call them the next day and they ran out. At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated trying to score this strain! I checked the online menu for the same shop but in another location, and called them up. Said they had about a half ounce left. Took an uber over there as fast as I could.

    I get in the shop and was hoping like hell none of those customers bought the rest as I waited my turn. I finally get helped and asked the budtender for a quarter. He gets two jars and pops them open. I smell a gorgeous lemon lime flavor that I never smelled before when it comes to bud. Smelled like a sprite soda. The buds were gorgeous. $72 for the quarter, YIKES. Asked him for an 8/th instead.The phone pics that follow definitely do not do them justice. Supposedly only 7% THC or so.

    I get home and finally smoke some. Great mellow flavor. Very unique. I HIGHLY recommend this strain.

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  2. Likely a cross back to the land race genetics. If close it must be good! I still remember the taste & smell. Preferred Columbian Red but the Gold was what was usually available. But that was a long time ago......
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  3. Half oz of Columbian gold was the very first bag I ever bought! Back in 1979!
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  4. Why did u only buy an 8th it's gonna be gone and ur gonna strain hunt again in 2 days.

    I woulda bought the whole half
  5. I really wish I could have. Next time it's for sale I'll pony up the cash for an ounce.
  6. $72 for a quarter? You could get that cheaper from a street dealer lol.
  8. Sometimes people pay for quality.

    My dispensary charges 300$ an ounce and I'm happy . Can mix n match get what I want.

    Shatter 4 grams for 160$ again. Not complaining with 20 strains on deck I can choose from

    Could pay 200$ an ounce on the street, not like it, and pawn it off to my friends. Or call 5 people and meet them til I like what I see .

    Time is money and I enjoy the dispensaries
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