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  1. okay i need some help could someone please help. so i made some colloidal silver but left it running for 19hours and its really dark and chipped away the silver. would it be okay to put that on my plant to make seeds or no because its too dark and left too long?

    and right now im currently having another run i just set it at 7pm and will but getting off the battery at 12 am is that perfect or too long too? and is the first batch fine or bad?

    thanks for the people who reply to help me out.
  2. tossed a PM to Loki ( our local CS authority) about this thread . be patient.
  3. [ame=]How to make Gold Colloidal Silver - YouTube[/ame]
  4. It will work, but I'd start over too... Make sure you're using distilled or RO water. I like to use a laser pointer and shine it thru the glass. As the the water fills with silver ions, you'll be able to see the laser beam. When you get a nice solid beam, you're done.

    You can't really time it because there's no standard amount/shape of silver and power supply specs are going to vary between users, but generally speaking you wouldn't go over 2 hours.


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