Colloidal silver vs male breeding

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by outdoorgrow1, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. I got some regular seeds, but then found out how to make feminized seeds and I'm wondering why people would use male plants instead of always making feminized seeds. Are there any benefits to using a male instead of female pollen? While I was reading on this topic I see some people say the second generation of feminized seeds is more prone to herm than the first generation of seeds. Is there any validity to that statement?
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  2. Well me personally I don't have the space for all of that mess I barely have the space to flower plants let alone grow for seeds.

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  3. Yeah exactly I don't have enough room to grow double the seeds till flower just to throw away half of them unless there's some benefit of having regular seeds

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  4. I left some regular males with my plants when I thought my colloidal silver wasn't strong enough and was gonna settle for regular seeds and then the female I sprayed finally showed the pollen sacs. I took the regular males out but some pollen might have released already by that time how feminized will my seeds be now lol

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