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  1. Hey everyone! A friend of mine gave me a fem Arjans STrawberry Haze, and those seeds are very hard to get your hands on where I live. It just sprouted some 3 days ago.
    I've been reading about how to get feminized seeds from a fem, and the easiest methods would be colloidal silver. But heres the thing. This girl was planted direct to soil in a big pot, 10gal maybe, so shes going to be huge and topped a few times.
    My plan is to spray the colloidal in just one bud site, while isolating said bud (with a cardboard cone around it or something) to get balls only on that one. I know colloidal silver is toxic so I would have to discard that bud, but I want to smoke the rest. And some 2 to 3 more heads will be pollinized in the same plant.
    Do you think this will work? Has anybody done this? This is just my second grow so any input is largely appreciated.
    Hope this made some sense, Im way up right now. Keep toking! And thanks in advance! :smoke:
  2. Best thing to do in this case is clone off the branch you want to clone,push it straight into flower, then spray HALF the plant,the upper nodes, to get a small self pollinating plant, you could also wait til it's about 2,3 weeks into flower, showing allot of hairs,then spray the clone, it'll look like it's becoming a hermaphrodite, but if you keep it separate it from other plants,it will only pollinate itselfknives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  3. Thanks Nomad. The problem is Im growing outdoors with no chances of having indoor lights. And taking clones out of it would be a little expensive, Im on a buget and rooting agents are hard to find here.
    What if I just leave it there? Without cloning. Self pollination is exactly what I want, and doesnt matter if the pollination spreads. Do you think the colloidal will contaminate other parts of the plant? Even if its done in a very careful way?
  4. I could be wrong but I believe trying to make fem seeds from a fem seed leads to highly hermie prone plants. If memory serves me breeders only using reg occurring female seeds to than hermie with the CS in order to pollenate other females. I have a feeling your only going to waste time and end up with hermie prone seeds. Someone correct me if I'm wrong tho, I'm just going on memory.
  5. I thought that might happen too. All the 6 seeds I've popped ever in my life (from reg. bagseeds) happened to be females haha, so I just might need a hermie, just for those sweet SHaze seeds. Is there a way to stress the plant at such point where it becomes a hermie, without the CS?
  6. You can still take clones outdoors, no need for lights
  7. Thanks skunk. The problem is I cant be there to take care of the clones, so I think ill just do the CS. Ill let you guys know how it turned out

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